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April 24, 2011

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Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was quite busy but lots o’ fun.  I apartment hunted for 8 hours on Saturday and had family time on Sunday.  Weekends go by too fast!!  Here are 3 random activities that occurred:

I baked Vanilla Scones (I’ll share the recipe soon!):

vanilla scones

I got a package from Shop Sweet Lulu with goodies for an upcoming partay:

shop sweet lulu

I received presents from mumsies in the form of Anthropologie bowls (Anthro presents are the best):

anthropologie bowls

And on an unrelated note, I could live in these J. Crew outfits everyday for the rest of my life:

j. crew lookbook

j. crew lookbook

[Images 5 to 7 via J. Crew]

3 thoughts on “Random Recap

  1. Ladi

    I literally want every outfit from the jcrew lookbook! And I kinda wish I wore glasses to pull off a nerdy chic look 😉
    And yeah those vanilla scones look delish, can’t wait for the recipe!

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