Rodarte for Target, Part Deux

December 20, 2009

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Disclaimer: Before you read, know that I love Target wholeheartedly. We’re just not on speaking terms right now.

As you know, Rodarte for Target came out today (was supposed to come out today). I arrived at my Target promptly at 8 AM and not only was it completely picked over but half the line was missing. The second Target I went to had absolutely nothing out yet and had no idea what Rodarte even was.

I should not have been as shocked as I was since it’s happened to me twice before with Target collabs (Rogan and Proenza) but I found myself quite upset. I started frantically calling out to Target employees and 6 out of 7 had no idea what the words “GO” and “International” even meant. I was so perplexed by their perplexity. “Target has a GO International designer every few months?” I kept repeating in a few octaves too high so that it sounded like a question. I was in my own personal hell.

I ended up with a few pieces from the first Target but I’m not totally satisfied quite yet. Where were those amazing tights and that bow belt?!? One employee irritatingly told me that it was only 8:05 AM and they just haven’t put everything out yet. Translation: WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!

I’ll keep you updated as I scour through every Target in Southern California.

[Image via Target]

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