Springtime Scarves

April 12, 2010

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Along with my addictions to tea and Alexa Chung, I can’t live without scarves.  They’re one of the few accessories that I wear consistently (like more than necessary), whether it be in the dead of winter (cue cowl-necked wools) or the breezy nights of summer (gauzy linens).  And though I’m a fan of all different varieties, from chunky knits to thin cottons, I certainly have my favorites.

For example, I love when a scarf is so thick and overpowering that you can barely see over the vast amount of fabric that’s engulfing your entire upper body.  Yet at the same time, the material is thin and totally breathable.  Light yet bulky.  Extra points if it’s gauzy in texture.

You might not think this kind of scarf is wearable in the springtime.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly acceptable to accessorize with scarves in the warm weather as long as you’re wearing the appropriate versions!  You don’t want to suffocate in an explosion of 100% wool, trust me.  Light Merino wool, on the other hand?  Crème de la crème of spring shawls.

Other fabrics that are great for the spring and summer: gauzy linen, cashmere-linen blends, pashmina, and cotton.  They’re breezy, breathable, and totally functional.

Here are the scarves (pictured above) that I’m majorly lusting after this spring:

Virginia Johnson Shawl in Camel Beet, $195

Rachel Roy Crinkle Gauze Scarf in Green, $28

Lovequotes Scarf in Papaya, $88

Linen Me Garza Scarf in Nougat, $30

Calypso Orchid Scarf in Deco, $95

J. Crew Shimmer Stripe Wrap, $55

4 thoughts on “Springtime Scarves

  1. Susie

    I love all these scarfs too! I have bought some with the intention of wearing them, however… I can’t seem to figure out how to wear them. Every time I try to put it together with an outfit I feel I look ridiculous. Any suggestions? or pictures of people who can wear them & look good so I can try it too?



  2. Janelle Post author

    Susie! Thank you for your great questions. I will do another blog right now to answer all of them! Love love love.

  3. Kristine

    Love the linen me one. AND! it’s even in my price range… I can’t decide what color to get though. But thanks!

  4. Mia

    I ordered linen ones, but it came from Lithuania – not from UK as they write in their website. I value lithuanian linen, but hate lies. They shoul write that it based in Lithuania not in London


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