February 1, 2010

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Today I received a package in the mail from Anthropologie and my first thought was Omg, what did I accidently order?? I’m always unconsciously adding items to my virtual shopping carts so I feel like it could happen one of these days. Nonetheless, I was extremely excited. I don’t know about you but when I receive a package in the mail, I am on cloud 9. Just pure, uninhibited excitement. So I opened the box to find a smaller package inside:

How amazing is this?? And it’s just the package! So creative and beautiful! I will be duplicating this on a gift in the near future. It’s just way too cute not to spread the love.

Thanks again, Jaym!

0 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. Jaymee

    You are welcome! I’m so glad you posted that cause I wanted to know what anthro does for their gift wrap! Post a pic of u wearing it! I miss u so much nellers.


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