Transitioning Into Spring: Ankle Jeans

January 15, 2010

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Sometimes for me, it’s difficult to transition into spring. I never know what to wear! Am I still allowed to wear black? Do I have to wear a pastel dress? What’s the rule on tall boots? Must I change my mood from brooding to cheery?

All I know is that I’m loving ankle jeans right now. I feel like they could be a great transitioning tool from winter to spring, don’t you agree? They show just an ever-so-small amount of leg. Basically you are telling the world that you don’t need wool socks & rain boots anymore. Actually I’m pretty sure it rains in the spring so scratch that theory. Just know that ankle jeans are perfect for breaking out of the winter doldrums.

So if you feel like it’s time to sun your ankles a little bit, here are my favorite ankle jeans:

[Image via Madewell]

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