Need Right Now: Creativi-Tea

March 11, 2010

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If you didn’t know this already: I’m addicted to tea.  Like if tea were a drug, you would need to send me to rehab.  That’s the level of addiction I’m trying to convey.  And even if you sent me to rehab, I would sneak some in my room and have a cup before bed.  It makes me shutter to think about that withdrawal process.

Anyways, when I spotted these tea mugs on weheartit (my new fave photo site, FYI), I knew I had to find them asap.  Luckily, I found them on Amazon!  I know it’s only March but these mugs are my favorite discoveries of the entire year.

[Image via weheartit]

One thought on “Need Right Now: Creativi-Tea

  1. Jose

    My daughter (also a tea addict) found your website and Loves those tea mugs you have pictured above. I want to get her one for her birthday but can’t find them anywhere. I saw this is dated 4 years old but wondered if you know who sells them today. I found only one on Amazon but it’s ugly.



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