October 10, 2011

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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  It’s still technically the weekend for me since I had no work today.  3-day weekends are kind of awesome, am I right??  Anyways, just wanted to share what I’ve been up to in the last week or two.


santa monica farmers market

…I’ve been going to the Santa Monica farmers market to pick up heirloom tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

steven by steve madden pembrooks

…I was lusting after these shoes for such a long time and now my feet are so happy to have them!

santa monica

…the weather has been so beautiful – summer has arrived in October!

…I visited my family 2 weekends ago and cuddled with this sweet face.


…I got tiny pumpkins for my dining table.

intelligentsia coffee

…Kyle’s brother brought us 3 bags of Intelligentsia coffee.  Currently ODing on this now.


…I got 2 more succulents to go with my only surviving succulent in the middle.  And yes, I’ve killed 2 so far.  Let’s hope I get my act together with these ones.

true food kitchen vegetable crudites

…I went to True Food Kitchen with 2 aunties and 2 cousins.  The vegetable crudites appetizer is alllll kinds of amazing.

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  1. Heather Mason

    Tell me when you go to the SM farmers market! I always need someone to go with! I went to the Torrance market last weekend and its actually really nice! I was surprised. But no nice ocean like SM.


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