Friday Love List

April 13, 2012


friday love list

I’ve been slightly…distracted…this week.  My head is straight up in the clouds, dreaming, thinking, planning – doing all sorts of crazy things, except for focusing in the now.  Oh well, we all have those weeks right?  Anyway, here are 2 photos from my instagram: one during a lunch break this week (with my head straight up in the clouds) and one of the new Domino Special Edition that my coworker brought to me (I literally screamed out loud when she dropped it on my desk).  The other item is a quote that I saw on Pinterest that perfectly sums me up.  I’m proud to call myself slightly strange.

Here are a few things I loved this week:

  • Let’s go back to Domino magazine.  I’ve had the release date for the Special Edition on my cal for months now.  Well it decided to come a whole week early and my coworker found it and brought it to me.  One of the happiest moments in my life!  If you live in LA, there are copies of Domino Special Edition at the newsstand in Brentwood next to Whole Foods.  I may go back this weekend to grab another so if you are in desperate need of one, holler at me.
  • These breakfast jam straws are the jam.  Plus I live and breathe for puff pastry.
  • I’m doing my hair like this today.
  • Since it’s starting to get warmer, I finally scooped up a bronzer for my ghostly pale face.  Decided on this Josie Maran one.

Happy weekending!

3 thoughts on “Friday Love List

  1. Tania

    What the??!! Domino is back? I had no clue but I guarantee I can’t find it on Maui but I may head it to our one bookstore on the other side of the island (Barnes) to hunt it down.

    I love the quote too, in total agreement.


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