June 24, 2013

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santa monica beach / the style eater

Summer, you arrived 3 days ago and you’re not messing around. You’re extra warm and cloudless and delicious. Two thumbs up. Needless to say, this weekend was WAY TOO SHORT. Oh and hiiii since I didn’t blog last week. But back to this weekend. We spent the majority of Saturday at the beach, slathered in sunscreen and without a care in the world. There were also a few acai bowls involved. One of us got sunburned (not I) and the other went from pale to dark pale.

Then, one of my best friends, Sarah, came and stayed with us for the night (she lives in North Carolina now) and we had such a fun time together, reminiscing about high school (i.e. mapping out who we went to formals with) and discussing the pros and cons of spin classes. Always a good time with that gal, I swear.

Sunday was spent at Dwell on Design (a post coming soon) all thanks to Kyle winning tickets to it ON THE RADIO. I guess people still win things on the radio? It really happens, guys! We walked around that design mecca until our feet couldn’t move and even spotted Bryan Cranston (WALTER WHITE!) in the crowd. I didn’t realize Mr. White was a fan of green design. Other Sunday activities included: a visit to Parachute Market and a 2 hour nap sesh.

You were real good to us, first weekend of summer. REAL GOOD.

santa monica beach / the style eater

santa monica beach / the style eater

santa monica beach / the style eater

santa monica beach / the style eater


    1. Janelle Post author

      I was going to post that pic of me and you but it did not look good! Why didn’t we take a better pic?! UGHS.


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