Happy Monday + My Uniform

February 13, 2012

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Mine was super lazy.  I didn’t end up going to the Rose Bowl flea, sadly.  Wanted to go so badly but instead, I decided to be a bum and lounge around all day, watching Game of Thrones and eating lots of crap food.  And then on Sunday night, I worked…

Speaking of work, I never really talk about work.  I can’t really.  But I do wear lots and lots of black-on-black outfits.  Black dresses, black blazers, black tights, black shoes, black heart (har har, just kidding…but not really).  My closet is becoming primarily black because of it.  When I shop for dresses, I gravitate towards the darkest colors, knowing they could be worn multiple times for events.  Also, I saw Paul McCartney last night.  And then I had a slight panic attack.  I mean, we’re talking face-to-face.  Don’t tell anyone I’m telling you.  But yes, black dresses.  Lots of black dresses.

One thought on “Happy Monday + My Uniform

  1. Ingrid Totten

    Love the dress. OMG about Sir Paul. He was my favorite Beatle, he still looks good, I would have been speechless…and you know for me that is almost impossible.


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