May 9, 2011

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Janelle and the boy are finally moved into the new apartment. I can’t wait to share all the fun projects that I have coming up!

But, in the midst of all this moving, we’ve found ourselves internetless and TVless. We aren’t able to sign up for cable for another week and let me tell you, it feels like we’re living in the middle ages. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH GLEE? Or online shop?? Or stalk people’s facebooks???

Actually I don’t mind it too much, it’s kind of nice being technology free for a few days! In the meantime, I’m going to do all of my blogging and google reading by phone (ok so I’m not 100% technology free, whoops).

Also, wanted to share this mid-calf length skirt that I’m newly obsessed with. It has printed feathers on it. There’s nothing better than printed feathers, friends. That’s all. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and spoiled your mothers on Mother’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Internetless

  1. Shirley Grodsky

    Hi Janelle,

    We’re so happy that you and Kyle finally have a place in my favorite part of town. One of these days we would love to visit with you both.

    Papa and I are leaving for France May 22nd and will be gone for about 9 days. It should be a great trip as it covers places we have never been.

    Looking forward to seeing you this week-end.


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