July 15, 2012

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The reason I’ve been so absent around here lately is because my sweet Oma (“grandmother” in Dutch) passed away on Thursday.  It’s been absolutely devastating for me and my family and I didn’t think I could continue writing happy blog posts without first mentioning what’s been going on.  She suffered from Alzheimer’s for the last 14 years and I just hope that her mind is finally at peace.

This photo is one of my absolute favorites of the two of us, taken at my Oma’s 70th birthday party in 1996.  Shortly after the photo was taken, my cousin Kelsie and I performed a song-and-dance number to Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” for my Oma and all of the party guests.  If you’re wondering how awesome that performance was, it was really awesome.

I have such fond memories of my Oma and I miss her already.


7 thoughts on “Oma

  1. Kelsie

    I miss Oma too. I like to call her “omie”. She really was a strong and great woman. I still can remember some of the “moves” to Ironic, isn’t that ironic? ;P

  2. Ingrid Totten

    Janelle, Oma was a wonderful woman who raised four equally wonderful daughters. Those daughters in turn raised amazing and wonderful children…the circle of life. She is now free of Alzheimer’s disease.


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