Snippets from the weekend

February 21, 2012

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This weekend was pretty action-packed.  The good kind of “action-packed” though.  I went back home to celebrate my brother’s birthday, a friend’s bridal shower, and to snuggle with my sweet pup.  My weekends with the family tend to fly by too quickly and I always look forward to going back and seeing them again.  Plus, my mom makes food.  Yes, I just said “” and no, I’m not embarrassed.

It’s Cadbury Egg season!!  For some reason, I lose all sorts of judgment and willpower around Cadbury Eggs.  If there’s no one around to tell me STOP, I eat handfuls upon handfuls upon shoveling handfuls of these little chocolate miracles.  I literally am obsessed.  The fact that my current bag is dwindling down (that bowl up there is LONG gone by now) is giving me hyperventilations like you wouldn’t believe!

6 thoughts on “Snippets from the weekend

  1. Ann-Marie

    Ok, first of all, no way is your baby brother FOURTEEN. Holy moly, weren’t WE just 14???

    Also, I too have no self-restraint when it comes to those eggs. I’m attempting to avoid them all together this season. Only time will tell if I can refrain 😉


  2. Jaymee

    haha i forgot to finish my comment! before my phone got all crazayy on me, i was gonna say..aww you and kyle look so cute! and jaxxy boy is so presh.

  3. Kristine

    omg!!! Cadbury egg season! And these are totes better than the filled ones. I’m going to go out to buy some tomorrow.


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