When it rains

March 26, 2012

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These last few days have been the kind where your Gmail gets hacked, your iPhone wipes clean, and you forget to wear rain boots on the rainiest, wettest day of the year.  Everything’s been going kind of haywire for me lately but guess what?  A new, Spring week is upon us and I’m going to wear colorful outfits, eat dark chocolate Cadbury eggs, decorate my apartment with ranunculus flowers, and keep trucking on.  Who’s with me?

2 thoughts on “When it rains

  1. Tania

    My last week Monday was like that. I wore flips flops thinking I had real shoes in the car for work (I didn’t). My car smelled like a dead animal when I opened the door due to a doggie bag with leftovers I had forgotten about from a breakfast out over a week prior (it was disgusting). And about eight other things…Bring on the color and the cadbury, I’m with ya.


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