Adventures in Banana Bread

December 8, 2009

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Today, it rained. Two things come to my mind when it rains: 1) I wonder if this is what it’s like to live in Forks (MLIT, right Michelle?) and 2) I want to bake. Once my mind shakes away the first quandary, I instantly begin thinking of what sweets and goodies I’m craving. And today, as I spotted the dying bananas on the counter, I knew it was a banana bread day.

But at the same time, I realized I would have difficulties with this undertaking because I painted my nails just a few hours beforehand (OPI A Oui Bit of Red for you polish-aholics like moi). I soldiered on nonetheless, using Flour Bakery’s Famous Banana Bread recipe.

The recipe is super easy and I guarantee you will have all the ingredients in your pantry. The recipe calls for walnuts but I’m not a nut fan when it comes to baked goods so I opted for chocolate chips instead. Everything tastes better with chocolate chips in it. You can quote me on that.

Anyways, as I was pouring the mixture into a loaf pan, it literally filled all the way to the top. I would have grabbed an additional loaf pan but I didn’t want to ruin my nails by riffling through the kitchen cabinets. So I baked it all in one pan and boy was that a mistake. As the bread baked, it overflowed all over the oven. When it was finished baking, it looked like a total shit storm (pardon my French) so I was not about to photograph it for the blog (that’s why I used the recipe photo FYI). That doesn’t mean it didn’t taste delicious! It was moist and chocolaty – just how I like my banana bread.

It certainly wasn’t pretty but it tasted good and that’s all that matters. Lesson learned: never bake with freshly painted nails.

[Image via Food Network]

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