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October 17, 2011

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Breakfast is my absolute favorite.  On weekends, Kyle and I typically indulge in stacks of pancakes, piles of hash browns, and gourmet omelets. Because it’s usually so heavy, we almost always need a nap by noon.  Lately, I’ve been taking a lighter approach to weekend breakfasts and trying new things that are equally healthy and delicious.  Here are two of my favorites:

  • Blueberry Maple Quinoa: I mix cooked quinoa with a little almond milk (or soy, if you prefer), add a few generous swirls of maple syrup, and top with fresh blueberries (original recipe found here).  First of all, I love quinoa in any shape or form but adding maple syrup to it is kind of amazing.  It’s a new take on cereal and has become one of my favorite go-to’s in the morning.
  • Avocado Toast: I’ve been really mad at avocados lately because they’ve been so darn expensive.  But this past week, they went on sale for the first time in AGES!!  I got so excited, I loaded up big time.  Now I can have avocado toast anytime I like!  My favorite thing to do is toast whole wheat english muffin and spread a thick layer of ripe avocado on it.  I sprinkle a little salt and cracked black pepper for added flavor.  I eat it just like that!  Or, if I’m a little hungrier (which is pretty often), then I add a fried egg on top.  Breakfast perfection, I swear!

5 thoughts on “Breakfast Love

  1. Jaymee

    okay so i totes was craving avo+bread all morning after i read this so for lunch i got subway and added a whole lotta avo and had them toast the wheat bread. not quite as good looking as your pic, but craving was satisfied 🙂


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