Lentil Vegetable Soup

October 29, 2010

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lentil vegetable soup

My bf and I always argue over whether or not soup is a legitimate meal.  He looks at soup as a side dish or maybe a lunch at best.  I, on the other hand, think it can be a perfectly-sized dinner if it’s hearty enough.

Like this lentil vegetable soup, for example.  The lentils are rich in protein and the soup is completely packed with vegetables.  HEARTY, trust me.  So that directly proves my bf’s logic wrong, am I right?  Besides that, there is nothing I would rather have than a hot bowl of soup in the colder months.  I could eat it every day!

I am a huge fan of this lentil soup (recipe here).  Just a warning though: it’s a serving size 10 and makes A LOT.  But I’m telling you, the leftovers are the best part.  The soup thickens and the flavors intensify overnight.  So make it all and save it.

The soup itself is rich in flavor, with undertones of cumin, garlic, and thyme.  The lentils bring it to a new dimension though, adding texture and a slightly earthy flavor.  Sprinkle a little parmesan on top, serve it with a crusty bread and you have a complete meal, my friend.

lentil soup

lentil soup

lentil soup

lentil soup

lentil soup
my lunch the next day…and the day after}

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