New Year’s Resolution: Food Edition

January 2, 2010

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I was planning on posting yesterday so that my New Year’s Resolutions had more of an impact (it being January 1st yesterday) but I went to see the movie AVATAR and it took up about 85% of my day. Boy that is a long (but truly great) movie. Thus, I was unable to post.

Anyways, for 2010, I’m going to make both food and sartorial New Year’s Resolutions. Food-wise, my resolution is to eat more kale.

Kale is a hearty, leafy green that is considered to have an extremely high nutritional value. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it has high levels of beta-carotene, Vitamin K (over 700% per serving!!), Vitamin C, and calcium. Bottom line, Kale is SO good for you. It is even believed to have anti-cancer properties.

There are many different ways to eat kale. You can saute it, boil it, toss it with pasta, add it in soup, and even blend it in a smoothie. Here are some kale recipes that I plan on using this year:

I consider this New Year’s Resolution a twist on the generic “I’m going to eat healthy this year!” I know for a fact that in 2010, I will never turn down a piece of cake nor will I ever refuse a cookie. It’s just not in my genetic makeup to refuse sweets. Instead, I’m going to focus on one positive, healthful item and hope that my year will, in turn, be a little more positive and healthful.

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  1. lauriebot

    Kale is one of my all-time favorite foods!

    I especially love it slow-cooked in beer with collard & turnip greens and smoked turkey wings… oh man, I could eat that everyday!

    Real Simple also has some pretty good kale recipes!


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