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Friday Love List

November 11, 2011


friday love list

  • My obsession with ankle boots is as strong as ever.  With that said, I’ll take these…and these.
  • Pinterest is still my favorite hobby.  Come check out my latest outfit obsessions.
  • This art print is on my wishlist.  Love the bursts of color.
  • I’m smitten with Sarah Yates blog lately.  Her photography is beyond amazing, plus she has a sweet pup.
  • This weekend I want to see “Like Crazy,” go to brunch (typical), and find the perfect crew neck sweater.  Maybe some laziness in between!  What are your plans?
PS – doesn’t it look like I’m reading my own love list??  Har har har.

Olivia P, what shall I do?

October 24, 2009

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So I was on The Sartorialist (my fave blog) the other day, when I came across this photo of Olivia Palermo:


For those of you not familiar with Olivia P, she’s the major b from MTV’s The City. Major b or not, this girl knows how to dress. And therefore, I love her. But it wasn’t Olivia P herself that caught my eye in this photo, it was her SHOES. When I first saw this photo, my eyes zoomed in on those lace-up ankle boots like a tractor beam. Ok that was a bad metaphor because I don’t know what a tractor beam is – I just remember it referenced in Dumb and Dumber. Note to self: never use metaphors when you don’t know their meaning.

Anyways, those shoes instantly grabbed my attention. Not only were they absolutely glorious but I knew I’d seen them before. Oh but where? I literally could picture myself looking at them online, zooming over the image and crying inside about their price. But, ahhhh where?! I racked my brain and the first thing that popped in my mind was Topshop so I ventured over to their website and sure enough, the boots were there! I felt I deserved some sort of prize for having such an immaculate memory so I put the damn boots in my shopping cart. Since I often get a really bad case of buyer’s remorse, I give myself a day or two before purchasing online.

So I waited a day and what do you know, they’re out of stock. I nearly threw my powerbook (yes, I’m old school) out the window. WTF?! I need them! Must. Have. Them. Please, Sir Phillip Green, put them back on your website! I’m desperate. Then again, Topshop does still have gray in stock. I can’t seem to jump the gun, though…