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Snippets from the weekend

February 21, 2012

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This weekend was pretty action-packed.  The good kind of “action-packed” though.  I went back home to celebrate my brother’s birthday, a friend’s bridal shower, and to snuggle with my sweet pup.  My weekends with the family tend to fly by too quickly and I always look forward to going back and seeing them again.  Plus, my mom makes bomb.com food.  Yes, I just said “bomb.com” and no, I’m not embarrassed.

It’s Cadbury Egg season!!  For some reason, I lose all sorts of judgment and willpower around Cadbury Eggs.  If there’s no one around to tell me STOP, I eat handfuls upon handfuls upon shoveling handfuls of these little chocolate miracles.  I literally am obsessed.  The fact that my current bag is dwindling down (that bowl up there is LONG gone by now) is giving me hyperventilations like you wouldn’t believe!