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July 19, 2011

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Forage Silverlake

We’re going to start this off with a dessert photo because why not?  Dessert is my fave-town.  Forage in Silverlake displays all of their goodies right up front under a glass display.  I’m sorry but I have no resistance to dessert.  Especially when it’s all up in my face.  So I got a gooey, fresh chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate tart.  Yes, just for m’self.

But let’s go back in time (before I ordered the dessert) to set this scenario up a little better.  After the Renegade craft fair, mister boyfriend and I decided to push our Carmageddon luck a little further and drive over to Silverlake (mere minutes from downtown but across the universe from West LA) for some lunch at Forage.  Now Forage is boyfriend’s favorite so he was one happy camper.  The food was unbelievably good, so that made me a happy camper as well.

Forage changes their menu daily but you can always expect it to be fresh, seasonal, and unique.  From white bean couscous to beet, egg, and potato salad, they offer delicious combinations of all my favorite things.

I had the jidori chicken, fattoush salad (consisting of cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, radish, mint, cilantro, and pita chips), and lime creamed corn.  I don’t mess around when it comes to Saturday lunches.  Oh, and of course, I went back in line for round 2 to grab my cookie and tart.

forage silverlake

forage silverlake

forage silverlake

Crafty Times

July 18, 2011

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First of all…
405 freeway

That is one empty freeway!  Speaking of empty freeways,
LA was a complete ghost town this weekend.
We got to Renegade in 10 minutes from West LA (unheard of)
and also ventured over to Silverlake for the rest of the afternoon
(more on that later).
So “Carmageddon” turned out to be quite nice.  No traffic anywhere!

renegade craft fair

Renegade Craft Fair was amazing once again.  If you ever get the chance to go
in one of your cities, I highly recommend!
Beautiful handmade and vintage jewelry,
letterpress, stationary, custom-made stamps,
washi tape galore, baker’s twine,
art art and more art,
handmade soaps and candles,
basically anything and everything you could ever want.

I didn’t take that many photos because I’m a really good blogger
and forgot my camera.
Oh, and I spent all o’ my time spending cash too.
What did I buy, you ask?
Several bracelets and rings, a handful of cards and stationary, a “hello” stamp,
another washi masking tape, a craft magazine called Uppercase, and piece of wood art.
Renegade has so many great things to offer and I was happy to support!
But here are a few instagrams from the day:

renegade craft fair [it was a HOT day so thank goodness for this breezy H&M skirt]

renegade craft fair
[we got one of these carved woods of the Los Angeles skyline]

renegade craft fair
[table after table of the neatest jewelry]

renegade craft fair
[I wanted to order one of these custom address stamps so badly!]

renegade craft fair
[2 bracelets I found & loved]

renegade craft fair
[my goodies from “Oh, Hello Friend” – LOVE that table/blog/girl]

renegade craft fair
[downtown LA makes me happy]


July 15, 2011


renegrade craft fair

You may or may not be familiar with the term “Carmageddon.”
It refers to this weekend’s closure of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and let me tell you, people are in a straight-up frenzy.
Since I live on the westside of LA, I’ll be majorly effected by said Carmageddon and have been advised by many not to leave my apartment this entire weekend.

But, I say to the naysayers, Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend in downtown!
There is no way I’m missing that!  Freeway closure or not, I will get there.

So while most people will do the sane and rational thing of avoiding the roads at all possible,
I will be trekking it downtown (taking the surface streets!) for a craft fair.
Yes, Renegade is that good.

But, of course, as soon as I’ve got my fill of crafting,
I will stay away from the roads and spend my weekend on Pinterest!
Here are some of my favorite pins as of late:

stockholm street style



creature comforts blog

etsy bracelets

100 layer cake

[Images 2 to 7 via Pinterest]