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Lately via instagram

January 26, 2012

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instagram instagram instagram

Oh my gosh, my Photoshop decided to crap out last night as I was putting my instagrams together and thought it was a grand idea NOT to save any of my open projects.  So these here instagrams are a screenshot from inside my Photoshop program as it was frozen.  So that’s why it looks like crap – but oh well, we all can’t be winners, am I right?  Here’s what’s been going on lately, according to my instagram account (@thestyleeater):

  1. Working from home over the weekend in cozy layers and wool socks.
  2. My favorite notebook: Blogs I Follow and Like
  3. Kyle’s been working so much, I rarely get to see that cute little face.
  4. Tea from a nostalgic cup is 100x better than regular tea.
  5. Delivery of Fonuts to the office for an afternoon pick-me-up.
  6. Sending cards to two of my best friends.  THEY LIVE SO FAR!
  7. White bean stew on a cold night.
  8. Black on black on leopard – one of my absolute favorite combos.
  9. A lovely “thank you” card designed by my talented bff, Jaymee.