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Attempting Geek Chic

February 21, 2011

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j.crew chambray shirt, free people purple sweater, urban outfitters black jeans, jeffrey campbell boots

Yesterday, I borrowed my friend’s Nikon dslr.  What a treat!  I use the term “borrowed” very loosely because I still have it and don’t plan on returning it anytime soon.  Kidding (kind of).  So what was the first thing I decided to do with it?  Take photos of m’self obviously.  Cue: ego inflation.

Just kidding, I mostly took photos of my dog but since this is not a dog blog, I’ll stick with some outfit shots.  I’m really into collared shirts and feel extra sophisticated when they’re buttoned all the way to the top.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was on my way to calculus class or a very important business meeting.  But no!  That’s the power of a collared shirt, my friend.

Next time I plan on adding thick-rimmed glasses, a pleated skirt, and argyle socks.  Then my geek chic look would be totally complete.

chunky monkey

August 22, 2010

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Free People Front & Center Pullover

It may be nearing 100 degrees today but that’s not stopping me from shopping for a fall wardrobe.  Right now I’m browsing for a sweater that I can live in during the colder months (and by cold, I mean “mild”).  You know the kind: comfy, cozy, and full of love.  My requirements for such a sweater are as follows:

  1. Large and IN CHARGE.  I’m talking oversized and ill-fitted – as if it came straight out of an episode of Blossom circa 1990.
  2. Camel-colored.  Tan is the new black……obvs.
  3. The chunkier, the better.  It is called a “chunky sweater,” am I right?  Or did I make that name up…
  4. Slouchy and soft.  Double as a blanket, perhaps?
  5. Versatile.  It must look equally good in public as it does sprawled on a couch next to hot cocoa and an empty dvd box.
  6. Breathable.  I can’t stand a sweater that suffocates me.  I need some filtration!

So you can only imagine that when I spotted this Free People Front & Center Pullover, it was simply meant to be.

[Image via Free People]