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Gold Fingers

March 2, 2011

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Firstly, I want to apologize for you having to stare at my weirdo face the whole week (from my last post).  That must have been TMI.  But lucky for all of us, I’ve replaced it with an oversized photo of my right hand.  Why?  Because I have a strange-looking thumb.  No, but seriously, I actually want to discuss my obsession with thin gold rings.  If I could wear one on every finger, I would.

Here are my favorites that I wear on a daily basis:

  • Index finger: I found this gold band at the Renegade Craft Fair for $6.  What. A. Steal.
  • Middle finger: This one is my mumsies’ and I absolutely love the stone in the middle.  It’s technically not a thin ring so I’m cheating a bit.
  • Ring Finger: This heart ring from catbird is my absolute favorite and I never take it off (it’s from my man friend).

PS- my nail polish is Essie chinchilly.  Essie can do no wrong.  But enough about my hands.  I wish these were my hands:

[Image via Garance Dore]

Ever since I saw this photo, I’ve wanted to have my own collection of staple gold rings.  There’s something very elegant in it’s simplicity.  I can’t tell if it’s because she moisturizes really well or if her thin gold bands border on perfection?  And that Dior Oui ring?  I’ve been eBay searching that thing for years now and have never been able to find it.  It is the ultimate gold band.  Until I do find it, here are some other thin rings currently tickling my fancy:

thin gold rings

  1. Knotted Rush Ring, Bario-Neal, $154
  2. Very thin gold ring, Rare Device, $96
  3. Senna Round Ring, Bario-Neal
  4. Libra gold ring, Elephantine Etsy, $25
  5. Jennifer Meyer Thin Stackable Ring, Shopbop, $125

Dream Combo: Denim & Sequins

November 5, 2010

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denim and sequins combo

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kind of boring.  I don’t add sugar to my tea, I’d rather be perusing through blogs than hittin’ up da clubz, and I definitely don’t wear sequined vests to the supermarket.  But when I saw this photo of Jessica Szohr, decked out in denim AND sequins, on Garance’s blog

[Image via Garance Dore]

…I knew that I needed to add some pizzazz (in the form of sequins) into my life STAT.  I love the way that Jessica Szohr (whom, on an unrelated note, is the most boring character on Gossip Girl…jeez Vanessa, get a life!) jazzes up a simple, button down denim shirt by pairing it with a fun, sparkly sequin skirt.  The opposing textures mesh perfectly together, making it just as wearable during the daytime as at night.  I love a versatile combo!  It’s retro yet modern, classy yet jazzy.  Business in the front, party in the back.

Fact: I do not own a single sequined item.  But that’s going to change!  I’m quite partial to this Young Fabulous & Broke Bijou Miniskirt, pictured above with a Madewell campfire cargo shirt.  And then, who knows, maybe I’ll start adding sugar to my tea.

Check out my other dream combos here and here.

I Love Pretty Things

September 19, 2010


Design*Sponge image

Lately, I’ve been spending all of my free time scrolling through visually-inspiring blogs.  And by that, I mean blogs that focus primarily on beautiful, whimsical images and exquisite photography.  I swear, I could stare at pretty photos all day long.  They have become my number 1 source for inspiration, whether it be getting dressed in the morning, thinking of new recipes, or virtually decorating an apartment.

Below are some of my favorite visually-inspiring blogs, ranging from street style, food, design, and hybrids (a little of everything…fashion/food/decor/crafts).






What are your favorite blogs to find inspiration?

P.S. If you are wondering why I didn’t include any fashion-centric and/or personal style blogs, it’s because my list of favorites is far too long and I just couldn’t cut it down! That’s a whole other blog post altogether.

[Image via design*sponge]

Be Cool, Stay Warm

February 22, 2010

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Image Via Garance Doré}

Ever since New York Fashion Week, I have fall on my mind. I’m over spring and summer already. I just want to bundle up in as many layers as possible (even though more than one layer in Southern California is unheard of).

Now that NYFW is over, there were three major things I noticed that I’m dying to replicate for fall:

  1. LAYERS! (obvs) Layer it up! 3, 4, 7 layers – it doesn’t matter as long as you pile it on. The trick is to use thin layers so that you don’t overdo it. Start with a sheer tee and go from there. Top it with a long cardigan (or 2) and top that with a blazer/raincoat/cape coat/peacoat (any kind of coat will do) and then…
  2. BELT YOUR COAT. It’s seriously the easiest way to style up your oversized winter coat. Belt it! Everyone and their editor was belting their coats this NYFW. I loved it! A thiner belt works best but that doesn’t mean a larger belt is out of the question. That is totes up to you, my friend.
  3. ARM WARMERS. At least I think they’re called arm warmers?? But this was another trend I noticed both inside and outside the tents at Bryant Park. Not only are they great layering tool but they look super chic as well. Best part? They allow your fingers to be free (Blackberry and iPhone friendly).

If you’re living in cooler climates, now is a great time to test out these fall essentials because it will start warming up soon enough! It’s 60 degrees in SoCal today and on my scale, that’s freezing. So I will definitely be testing the waters on these 3 trends asap. That is until I see a super cute dress and I’ll be yearning for spring all over again…

Outfit Obsession

December 1, 2009

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Yesterday, Garance Doré (one of my absolute favorite bloggers/illustrators/photographers) posted this photo of her friend in Paris:

I am completely and totally obsessed with this outfit. From the platform mary janes to the lace-patterened tights to the menswear-inspired shirtdress to the black & white polka dot hair bow! Everything!! I even love that umbrella. I printed this photo and it’s now proudly hanging on my wall. It’s the quintessential mixture of Blair Waldorf and Parisian street chic. In the wise words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE!

[Image via Garance Doré]