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July 24, 2013

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will rogers state park / the style eater

By the look on my face, one would assume that I despise working out. One would be correct in that assumption. But I will say this: I do enjoy a good hike when all is said and done. You might be shocked by this but LA has some of the best hiking around. On the weekends, we like to try different trails and I undoubtedly complain about the dirt and I trip over a few rocks here and there, oh but the beauty around me! This day was particularly foggy but on a clear day, you can see from downtown to the ocean and vice versa.

So if I’m going to work out, which is a rarity in itself, it’ll be on the trails, hiking the hills around this city of mine. All I need is a puppy. SOMEBODY GIVE THIS GIRL A PUPPY.

A few of my favorite LA trails:
-Temescal Canyon
-Will Rogers State Park (pictured above)
-Franklin Canyon Park (as seen here)
-Griffith Park
-Runyon Canyon (in case you want to see paparazzi and hike with Katy Perry)