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Friday Love List

December 9, 2011


christmas tree

This right here is my teeny tiny Christmas tree, photographed two ways.  I think the first way is my favorite.  Love the bokeh effect.  But seriously, how small is that tree??  It’s too adorable, I can’t take it!  Anyway, this week was literally the fastest week in recorded history.  So much stuff happening in my little life.  Also, I realized I’m really out of shape.  My office building had a fire drill on Tuesday and we had to walk down 18 flights of stairs…my legs are still sore.  COOL.  On a completely unrelated topic, here are a few things I’m loving this week:

PS – I finally made my Instagrams public!  You can follow me on Instagram at thestyleeater (sorry  I have no idea how to link to it).  When I signed up many moons ago, I didn’t realize it was a social platform.  And then when I did realize, it was too late, I was already the loser with no followers.  So I started to embrace the fact that I had zero followers.  Then Kyle convinced me that every Instagram account is public and I’m the only loser with a private account.  No longer!  I’m cool now.  Happy weekend!

Weekend Snapshots

June 5, 2011


This weekend was a good busy.  You know the kind?  Where you’re busy but you’re doing things that you love doing like furniture shopping and eating out at yummy places?  And going to art shows and watching a marathon of Julie Delpy movies on Netflix?  You know what I mean?  A super good busy.

Anyway here are some snapshots that I took this weekend (and these photos are all from my iphone because I may or may not have lost my camera’s battery charger in the move…which of course I will find the minute the new charger is delivered):

Blueberries + Anthro bowls are like a match made in food blogger heaven:


Gluten free pancakes with blueberries and nectarines:

gluten free pancakes

Furniture shopping (more like browsing) at HD Buttercup in Culver City:

hd buttercup

Art show in Culver City:

d face

Sometimes the Kogi taco truck is hard to track and follow around but luckily they serve their delicious Korean/Mexican/Californian fare at the Alibi Room…pretty much ate everything on the menu:

alibi room

Starting to organize various corners of the apartment:


My kind of coffee at Groundwork in the Santa Monica Place mall:

groundwork coffee

Loved the red light fixtures at CB2:


Getting inspiration for the succulents I plan on getting next weekend…and hopefully plant in this planter:


Eating lunch at my new favorite place, True Food Kitchen (tempeh/lettuce/tomato/avocado sandwich with a side of sweet potato hash and kale salad):

true food kitchen

Trying on new shoes that I bought:

cole haan shoes