Friday Love List

December 9, 2011


christmas tree

This right here is my teeny tiny Christmas tree, photographed two ways.  I think the first way is my favorite.  Love the bokeh effect.  But seriously, how small is that tree??  It’s too adorable, I can’t take it!  Anyway, this week was literally the fastest week in recorded history.  So much stuff happening in my little life.  Also, I realized I’m really out of shape.  My office building had a fire drill on Tuesday and we had to walk down 18 flights of stairs…my legs are still sore.  COOL.  On a completely unrelated topic, here are a few things I’m loving this week:

PS – I finally made my Instagrams public!  You can follow me on Instagram at thestyleeater (sorry  I have no idea how to link to it).  When I signed up many moons ago, I didn’t realize it was a social platform.  And then when I did realize, it was too late, I was already the loser with no followers.  So I started to embrace the fact that I had zero followers.  Then Kyle convinced me that every Instagram account is public and I’m the only loser with a private account.  No longer!  I’m cool now.  Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Love List

  1. Kinsey Michaels

    your little tree is adorable! i should really bite the bullet and do the same – my boyfriend and i just moved into a new apt, so we hadn’t set up a tree prior to that. but it feels lonely without one!
    ps – following you now on Instagram! i actually just made mine public today lol. my username is kinseymichaels.


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