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May 14, 2014

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the blues / the style eater

You guys, I have the immune system of a horse. I’m assuming they have really good immune systems and mine is a good one, is what I’m trying to say. But last week (or was it the week before?), I got hit with a terrible virus and it really f’ed up my immune system street cred. Don’t you hate that? When you feel like you’re really good at something or your street cred levels are pretty legit, and someone just knocks you right off your podium and says NO, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A SHITTY {insert street cred}. Well that’s what happened to my immune system’s street cred.

Anyway, I lost my voice completely and was mute for a few days and that was fun communicating solely with hand-signed emojis, but we’re on the mend and thanking the heavens for prescription cough medicine.

Moral of the story is I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT, OKAY? Other than the fact that it’s shorts season again and I love shorts season. PLUS, my Levi’s 501 shorts have always been a smidge too big and now they fit perfectly, so I’d like to thank all those extra donuts and beers for contributing to my perfectly fit Levi’s. Hey Summer, I’m gonna wear these shorts everyday, so get ready and hope you don’t mind.

Summer Lovin’: Shorts Edition

May 26, 2010

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Shorts are my summer uniform.  Sure, I like to mix it up with a dress here and a skirt there but overall, nothing is more appropriate in the summertime than shorts.  Just like the dresses I picked out, these are my favorite short styles this season.

First of all, I love anything that comes pre-belted.  It adds a sense of refinement to a seemingly casual piece of clothing like shorts.  Just tuck a loose-fitting blouse into those belted shorts and pair them with flats and you have an instant summer office outfit.

As for the rolled denim, I personally think nothing’s better than cutting up an old pair of jeans to mid-thigh length and rolling the hem to your desired length.  A few summers ago, I cut 2 pairs of my high school jeans into shorts and I’ve worn them religiously ever since.  But, if you don’t have old jeans to destroy, the 3 rolled denim shorts below are perfect options!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good print.  It instantly spices up an outfit!  All 3 of the patterned shorts below have an almost childish charm to them.  They make me want to ride the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy at a carnival.  There’s nothing wrong with expressing your inner 13 year old!  Am I right??

Belted Waist:

  1. Dejeuner Silk Short, J.Crew, $88
  2. Madewell Paper Bag Shorts, Shopbop, $54.60
  3. ASOS Rope Shorts, ASOS, $37.20

Rolled Denim:

  1. Denim Boyfriend Short, J. Crew, $79.50
  2. Extreme Ripped Boy Shorts, Topshop, $60
  3. Levi’s 1960 Tab Shorts, Steven Alan, $195

Colorful Pattern:

  1. Faded Floral Pocket Shorts, Topshop, $50
  2. ASOS Heart Print Shorts, ASOS, $43.96
  3. Rift Valley Shorts, Anthropologie, $98

[Images via J. Crew, Shopbop, ASOS, Topshop, Steven Alan, Anthropologie]