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December 30, 2013

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1. The older you get, the faster the years go by. I swear it was yesterday I was celebrating New Year’s Eve 2013?

2. Brushing your hair is overrated.

3. Oysters are really f’ing good.

4. 4-wheeled luggage (like this) is life changing.

5. At age 26, gaining 10 pounds in less than 6 months is a real thing.

6. Finding your soulmate leather jacket takes time and patience, but you’ll know it when you see it.

7. Organic vegetables have lots of bugs in them.

8. I wish I could spend all my weekends in Big Sur.

9. 90% of my shopping is done on Amazon.

10. I’m still really clueless when it comes to adult things like mortgages and saving money.

11. Trust your gut! This year, my gut told me to quit coffee for good (it makes me physically ill but i would still drink it nonetheless) and start the Tracy Anderson Method (more or less).

12. Invest in skincare products. Spending all the monies on Skinceuticals, Ole Henriksen, and Kate Somerville facial products. You only have one face, y’all.

13. Group texts with friends is the only way to live life. Waking up to 79 text messages from your favorite people, 98% of which are emojis, is where it’s at.

14. LA has such good food. Favorite restaurant of 2013 is Picca.

15. Collecting ceramics for the kitchen is an expensive hobby that I must limit in 2014.

16. Montreal is real pretty (posts here, here, and here).

17. I get genuinely upset when my boyfriend starts watching a movie on TV that’s already half way over. Why start in the middle?!

18. Keeping plants alive is a challenge but so very rewarding.

19. I’m moderately to severely addicted to Instagram.

20. This.

Of course, there are plenty more things I’ve learned but I figured 20 was a good number to stop at. What did you learn? Overall, 2013 was pretty great. So looking forward to next year. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this blog! Happy New Year y’alls.

Photos by Ann-Marie

Wearing: H&M jacket via ebay (similar), Gap sweater (similar), dl1961 jeans, Madewell boots


June 3, 2013

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2013-06-01 at 16.39.10 2

Ooooh, you know, it’s JUNE ALREADY. As crazy as that sounds, I’m so looking forward to summer. In fact, it already feels like summer, what with the extreme heat and all. But, bring it on. I’m ready, I’m sunscreened, and I just bought a new beach blanket. Things are looking up. As for what I’ve been up to lately, well, I’m glad you asked! Here are just a few things keeping me busy:


2013-05-24 at 14.14.31 3

^^^I’m certainly not the only one who took advantage of Trader Joe’s’ 2-week peony inventory, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best 2 weeks of my life.


^^^Ok, green juice, you got me! You’re kind of delicious. That right there is a combo of kale, apple, cucumber, lemon, and ginger (with a side of almond butter toast)

2013-05-27 at 11.47.35

^^^One of my goals for 2013 is to turn my house into a jungle. Not pictured: the package of bandaids that the nursery owner gave me as a gift for buying so many plants there. Errr, thank you?


^^^I’ve been rotating solely (pun intended) between chucks and madewell boots lately. Take THAT, summertime, because who needs sandals anyway? Speaking of sandals, I need a new pair for the summer. Suggestions welcome.

2013-05-25 at 20.52.00 2

^^^I’m sorry, what is ice cream? What is frozen yogurt? Because I ONLY EAT SNOW CREAM NOW. There’s this new place called Blockheads Shavery Co in LA that serves shaved ice cream and we’re addicted big time. Pictured is black sesame snow cream with strawberries, mangos, rice cake balls, and strawberry puree on top.


^^^Putting together a little “Welcome to LA” gift for one of my BFF’s who’s moving here!

2013-05-27 at 13.53.23

^^^Stumbled upon (literally because I tripped over a stack of rugs) the most amazing hole-in-the-wall rug joint I’ve ever seen in all my days on earth. So long overpriced Rose Bowl flea! I don’t need your rugs! So long sketchy international eBay transactions! So long money because we spent all of it at this rug place.

2013-06-01 14.00.33

^^^Pasadena, if you’re not the most adorable little town, then I don’t know what is. Also, you’re the hottest. 90 degrees? Really? But like I said, bring it on!


February 22, 2013



I’ve been kinda stressed this week and I think part of the reason is because of Scotchmallows, all thanks to my parents who sent me a giant bag full of them for Valentine’s Day.  The amount I’ve eaten would frighten an average person I think.  I literally cannot control myself.  Are they laced with crack?  I’ve eaten 3 since I started writing this post.  Ouy vey.  Here are a few other things I’m loving this week:

  • A fully booked trip to NYC, Connecticut, and Montreal is getting me real excited for spring!
  • I’m dying to make homemade kimchi and this seems like a perfect first-timer’s recipe.
  • I’ve been loving this hairstyle lately.  A few spritzes of surf spray and some bobby pins are all you need.
  • Speaking of hair, I kind of want to cut my hair this short.  Yay or nay??  Crazy talk?
  • Madewell, please stop with all the good boots.  My bank account is suffering for it.
  • I’m in the market for a new jacket and I can’t decide if I should go this route or this route.  Both, you say?  You got it, thanks for the sound advice.
  • Two great articles: one on productivity and another from Leandra on blogging.


Happy weekending!  I’ll be working mostly but it ain’t no thangggg.  Oh! And the photo above is from when we drove to this hike.  LA, you slay me sometimes.