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December 30, 2013

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1. The older you get, the faster the years go by. I swear it was yesterday I was celebrating New Year’s Eve 2013?

2. Brushing your hair is overrated.

3. Oysters are really f’ing good.

4. 4-wheeled luggage (like this) is life changing.

5. At age 26, gaining 10 pounds in less than 6 months is a real thing.

6. Finding your soulmate leather jacket takes time and patience, but you’ll know it when you see it.

7. Organic vegetables have lots of bugs in them.

8. I wish I could spend all my weekends in Big Sur.

9. 90% of my shopping is done on Amazon.

10. I’m still really clueless when it comes to adult things like mortgages and saving money.

11. Trust your gut! This year, my gut told me to quit coffee for good (it makes me physically ill but i would still drink it nonetheless) and start the Tracy Anderson Method (more or less).

12. Invest in skincare products. Spending all the monies on Skinceuticals, Ole Henriksen, and Kate Somerville facial products. You only have one face, y’all.

13. Group texts with friends is the only way to live life. Waking up to 79 text messages from your favorite people, 98% of which are emojis, is where it’s at.

14. LA has such good food. Favorite restaurant of 2013 is Picca.

15. Collecting ceramics for the kitchen is an expensive hobby that I must limit in 2014.

16. Montreal is real pretty (posts here, here, and here).

17. I get genuinely upset when my boyfriend starts watching a movie on TV that’s already half way over. Why start in the middle?!

18. Keeping plants alive is a challenge but so very rewarding.

19. I’m moderately to severely addicted to Instagram.

20. This.

Of course, there are plenty more things I’ve learned but I figured 20 was a good number to stop at. What did you learn? Overall, 2013 was pretty great. So looking forward to next year. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this blog! Happy New Year y’alls.

Photos by Ann-Marie

Wearing: H&M jacket via ebay (similar), Gap sweater (similar), dl1961 jeans, Madewell boots


December 17, 2013

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thestyleeater instagram

Sometimes you get out of bed and decide you know what, I think I’m going to instagram my outfit today.

Sometimes, you spend a little too much time making sure the framing is right and the clothes are folded just so.

Sometimes, you take a few dozen photos just to get the best lighting and angle.

And then sometimes, you get caught by your boyfriend, who then posts it on his instagram:

thestyleeater instagram

Such is life, am I right?

Gap sweater (sold out but love this one)
Rag & Bone jeans
Shoemint boots (sold out unforch)
Alexa Chung for Madewell pouch (old)
J.Crew sweatpants and superrrr old freecity sweatshirt, in case you’re feelin the outfit.

Also, you can follow along to my insta-shenanigans here.

East Coasting

April 22, 2013

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new york city /  the style eater

I’m convinced that NYC’s spring is the best kind of spring. Ok I’m sure Washington DC would argue that their cherry blossoms automatically put them in first place, but New York sure comes close! Also, I’m used to seasonless Los Angeles so maybe every other place besides Southern CA has an equally beautiful transition into warmer weather? Either way, I’ve taken about a hundred photos of blooming trees over the last few days in NYC so beware of those kind of pics for the next 20 days or so.

Posting has been light around here and since I’m heading up to Montreal today, it might continue to be light for a few more days. But I’m updating my Instagram pretty much all day long so come find me there! –> @thestyleeater

Happy Spring!

Friday Love List

November 9, 2012


I hate to be a downer but the time change bugs me!  Does it bug you?  In this photo, which I took from the window of my office building, the sun is setting around 4:30ish.  I mean, really?  And if you are wondering about that traffic, YES it’s completely normal.  Anyway, enough complaining!

It’s finally Friday and I’m particularly excited about this weekend.  One of my best friends is getting married!!  I’ll be in Santa Barbara all weekend celebrating and I’m sure there will be multiple posts about it next week.  I rented a pretty fancy camera lens too and I can’t wait to break it in (not break it of course…that would be the worst ever).  I’m so looking forward to it!  Here are a few other things I’m loving this week:

Have a great weekend! x

Travel bug

October 25, 2012

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Right now, I’ve got the itch to travel.  I think it’s because a few people I’m following on Instagram are off in faraway places, taking beautiful ‘grams every step of the way.  Paris?  Can I go with you, Instagrammer?  Can I take a bite of that chocolate croissant you’re eating?  Can I walk down those Italian cobblestone streets eating a gelato with you?

Even if it’s just driving up the coast of California, I want to get away and  explore the world (with my phone in hand so I can instragram).  You too?

*photo taken by me in Venice, Italy in 2009