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We went.

June 6, 2012

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seattle space needle

So we made it to Seattle and back.  Even through multiple levels of sick (stomach flu, allergies, bad cold), we still managed to have a great time, see great people, and eat great food.  Man, I love Seattle!!  Despite the rainy weather, I took lots of photos and can’t wait to share them.  More in the next few days!

It’s April

April 2, 2012

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gold bobby pins

UGH I didn’t win the lottery.  I was really banking on it.  My office pool had 200+ tickets so I figured my odds were pretty good, eh??  Just kidding but seriously, that would have been crazy.  What does one do with $640 million?

Anyway, here’s what’s been going on lately…
I have a new obsession with gold bobby pins (in the photo above) and my hair obviously starts getting quite frizzy in the springtime.

We made homemade eggs benedict BUT didn’t have any milk so we used vanilla soy milk for the hollandaise sauce.  It was weird but still pretty decent:

eggs benedict

Concocted this lemon, vanilla, rosemary home deodorizer that I spotted on Pinterest recently.  It smelled lovely:

Grabbed this mini blueberry pie at simplethings sandwich & pie shop for Kyle and I to devour during Game of Thrones:

simplethings pie

And here are a few instagrams from the last few days as well (@thestyleeater):

thestyleeater instagram

1/ my typical weekend comfy clothes
2/ a date at umami burger with cheesy tots (i usually order the original umami burger but with a portobello mushroom instead of a meat patty)
3/ an even smaller pie (this one is pumpkin) from simplethings
4/ more gold bobby pins and a new revlon lip color

PS – I have lots of new posts this week!  I know, SHOCKER.  So come back and visit for a new recipe, a fun craft project, and a semi outfit post.


February 2, 2012

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A few things:

A.) I’d like to first sincerely apologize for looking like I graduated with honors from Tool Academy with my sweet Myspace pic above.  If this was 2003, THAT would be my Myspace pic, just sayin’.  I have a perfectly good explanation for it though.  My boyfriend, Mr. Taylor, is too busy to take pictures of me so I’m forced to do so myself.  That guy!  Sheesh.

B.) I’m wearing a sweet Peter Pan collar in this photo but you can’t see it.  Ugh.

C. ) I don’t normally share these extra mundane details of my life, like getting haircuts or what my new car insurance rate is (by the way, it’s really good), but since I did a little hair inspo post a few days ago, I felt it was my duty to follow up.  As you can see I didn’t take any of my own advice and did something completely different.

D.) And by “completely different,” I mean I showed my hair stylist the Olivia Palermo photo and she took a few liberties of her own and chopped like 90% of my hair off.  PS – here is what it looked like before.

It’ll do, right?

Lately via instagram

January 26, 2012

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instagram instagram instagram

Oh my gosh, my Photoshop decided to crap out last night as I was putting my instagrams together and thought it was a grand idea NOT to save any of my open projects.  So these here instagrams are a screenshot from inside my Photoshop program as it was frozen.  So that’s why it looks like crap – but oh well, we all can’t be winners, am I right?  Here’s what’s been going on lately, according to my instagram account (@thestyleeater):

  1. Working from home over the weekend in cozy layers and wool socks.
  2. My favorite notebook: Blogs I Follow and Like
  3. Kyle’s been working so much, I rarely get to see that cute little face.
  4. Tea from a nostalgic cup is 100x better than regular tea.
  5. Delivery of Fonuts to the office for an afternoon pick-me-up.
  6. Sending cards to two of my best friends.  THEY LIVE SO FAR!
  7. White bean stew on a cold night.
  8. Black on black on leopard – one of my absolute favorite combos.
  9. A lovely “thank you” card designed by my talented bff, Jaymee.


January 19, 2012

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+ Is it coo de la to wear Christmas plaids still?  What’s the cut off date here?  Also, is “coo de la” a real phrase or did Kyle make that one up?  One never knows.

+ I really need to “finish” at least one room in my apartment so I can show you.  I mean, ouy vey.

+ Although this earl gray hot chocolate sounds like it would be all types of weird, it combines 2 of my favorite things so I must try it.

+ I think it’s time to chop my locks off.  I could really use a new hair do.

+ That awkward moment when your friend/coworker introduces you to someone who you’ve met several times and says “Do you know Janelle?” and that person says “No!  So nice to meet you” and you’re thinking oh wow, we’ve met like 3 times in 2011, cool.

+ Gosh, I really hate blogs that don’t post regularly.  How rude of them.  Oh wait, that’s me.  Please forgive me!