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10 Random Facts

April 30, 2010

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For my last “10 Things” post, I’m going to share some random facts about me.  I LOVE random facts about people so don’t forget to tell me all of yours!

  1. If I’m home, I watch Seinfeld every weeknight at 10:00 and 10:30 PM…even though I’ve seen every episode, it just never gets old.
  2. I’m allergic to Austria.  I’ve never had allergy attacks as badly and intensely as when I was in Austria.
  3. Going to brunch is my absolute favorite thing to do.
  4. The smell of books is simply intoxicating.  Hands down favorite smell.
  5. I know I’ve mentioned chocolate in 2 or 3 other “10 Things” posts but I ALWAYS have a stash of dark chocolate.
  6. I love black licorice, especially the Dutch version that’s double-salted.  It’s called drop.
  7. I could watch the Jane Austen BBC films every single day and NEVER get bored of them.
  8. I love cherry blossom trees.  When they’re in bloom, there’s nothing more beautiful.
  9. I spend way too much money on nail polish.
  10. I could spend entire days in Williams-Sonoma.  It always smells like apple cider and has the most perfect kitchen supplies.  When I’m there, I feel like I need everything in the whole store, from the kitchen towels to the silicone cupcake holders.

The Enigma of the Brussels Sprout

November 15, 2009

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brussels sprouts

I apologize for not writing about food in a long time. I guess I just haven’t been hungry lately! That’s a lie. Anyways, I’m going to recommence my food conversation by examining the brussels sprout. What the hell is it? I’m not totally sure but the closest thing I can compare it to is a miniature-sized cabbage. If you know me at all, then you are fully aware of the fact that I love anything miniature – mini water bottles, mini ketchup bottles, mini cupcakes, etc. And therefore, I loved the brussels sprout before even trying it.

Brussels sprouts are pretty common in fall cooking, especially Thanksgiving, but for some reason, Sir Sprout and I have never crossed paths until a few weeks ago. I wasn’t surprised when we became fast friends because the taste reminded me so much of bok choy, which is one of my favorites. And they are so adorable so that’s always a plus in my book. After much deliberation and consideration, my mother and I decided to add brussels sprouts to our Thanksgiving menu.

Now you might think this is no big deal but we take our Thanksgiving menu very seriously so this was quite the decision. We do the holiday right or we don’t do it at ALL! So after sorting through every single food website and November cooking magazine, we decided upon the Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Caramelized Shallots from Williams-Sonomas’ Thanksgiving pamphlet. Welcome, dearest brussels sprout, to our holiday menu.