December 16, 2013

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venice airbnb / the style eater

venice airbnb / the style eater

venice airbnb / the style eater

venice airbnb / the style eater

Last week was a bit of a doozy as we had to be out of our apartment for a few days (long story short: renting is the worst). We tried to make the most of it by staying in an airbnb in Venice and I’m SO GLAD WE DID. Venice is normally like 10 minutes from me, but it felt like a mini vacation being able to live there for a few days. Our place was right off of Abbot Kinney and that meant we could walk to all our favorite restaurants (Gjelina Take Away one night and Salt Air another) (also beer and oysters). And jk about the walking part, it was 50 degrees outside, hello? But it sure was nice to only drive a few blocks.

Even though I was still going to work every day and spending very little time at the airbnb, my mind was in total vacation mode. I mean the host STOCKED THE FRIDGE with food for us and left homemade cookies on the doorstep. Plus, there was an indoor washer & dryer and do you know what kind of heaven that is? As a multi-year Los Angeles renter, let me tell you, it’s a rarity and a gift. Before leaving, I wrote in the guest book asking if we could move in forever and I left my phone number. Faux vacations for the win.

On another note, I am totally unprepared for Christmas. How about you?

UPDATE: How did I write a whole post about the airbnb we stayed in and NOT link to it? MONDAYS, I tell you. Also, I’ll blame the Homeland season finale. I’ve updated with the link but here it is again: BAM.


  1. Valerie C | Lily on Fillmore

    Glad you made an annoying situation better with a mini-“staycation”! Love the Venice scene/restaurants, but wish it was less of a doozy to drive in traffic over there. And that AibBnb host is a dreaaamm. I love booking charming little homes via Airbnb – it’s sometimes so much better and even money-conscious than going the hotel route.

    Actually ready for Christmas and ready for some spiked eggnog!

    1. Janelle Post author

      Valerie – yessss, airbnb is the best! Definitely more money-conscious and we’ve found real gems going this route. Spiked eggnog?! YES.


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