Palm Springs Bound

April 3, 2011

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So yesterday, Kyle and I planned a very last minute trip to Palm Springs. I’ve never booked a hotel one day in advance before. Quite spontaneous of us!
Random stats:
Hotel: Ace Hotel + Swim Club
Weather: 90 degrees
Degree of untanned skin: PALE ALERT
Nail color: Essie Polish, French Affair
Poolside book: “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver
Board Games: Bananagrams (Scrabble minus the board)
Music of choice: Lykke Li
Number of hipsters: Astronomical

Be back in a few days!

4 thoughts on “Palm Springs Bound

  1. Carolyn

    have fun at palm springs! the bf and i might go next month, let me know how it is! i’ve stayed at the ace hotel in portland and new york and LOVE it, it must be so awesome in palm springs too <3


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