May 27, 2015

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Madewell Sightseer Slides | Club Monaco Thiais Sandals | All Saints Dorica Flat Sandal
Everlane Italian Slingback Sandal | Soludos Stripe Sandal | Ancient Greek Alethea Sandals
Forever 21 Huarache Sandal | Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sophie Sandal | Need Supply Co Orla Sandal

Last summer, I somehow managed to ruin all my sandals beyond repair (except for my trusty Birkenstocks) so I’ve been on the lookout for some replacements. How is it almost summer again? How is it May? How is it almost 2016 basically?

These are questions I cannot answer, but what I CAN do is buy some new sandals to ease the pain. I’ve been really wanting the kind that ties up around the ankle but why are they so hard to find? I want to pretend I’m sunning in Ibiza and you KNOW everyone in Ibiza has sandals that tie around the ankle. Those All Saints ones are about as close as I can find.

Anyway, I’m also into slides, espadrilles, and pretty much ANYTHING by Maryam Nassir Zadeh. SO excited for sandal season!


April 20, 2015

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overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

Get it? Because I’m wearing overalls. Overall, things are great. Nevermind. You guys! I miss blogging. When I just logged on to my site to do this post, I got LOCKED OUT for forgetting my password too many times. It’s been too long, but here’s a quick update:

Wedding planning has been taking over my whole life, but I’m happy to say that most of the big stuff has been squared away. I can’t believe it’s in 6 months! We’ve sent out our STDs and had our engagement photos taken, both of which I’ll share on the blog soon. Oh ya, STDs are Save the Date’s, y’all. I’ve been liberally calling them STDs and have gotten MULTIPLE stare-downs from people overhearing me talk about them in public. Not all acronyms are treated the same. You live and you learn.

Actually, that’s pretty much the only update I have. That and overalls. These suckers have been back on the market for awhile now, but it was only recently that I’ve adopted them with full force. These are another pair that I’ve been wearing pretty much every weekend, including last weekend at Coachella and on my trip to Santa Barbara (which was a total dream). Overalls remind me of 7th grade though, when I had pastel yellow Dickies ones and pretty much thought I was the queen of fashion and all things right in this world. So they sometimes make me cringe, but mostly I love them. Middle school, man. Those were some awkward years.

Also! There are just a few pillows left in the shop, in case you need some mudcloth in your life. Trust me, you do need it in your life.

Heidi Merrick striped top
H&M overalls (but sold out mostly so similar herehere and here)
Madewell sandals (and 20% off right now YAYYYY)
Marc Jacobs sunglasses (old)
Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella


March 2, 2015

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A few months ago, I bought this amazing vintage African textile and couldn’t decide if I should use them as throws or turn them into pillows. Remember this instagram? Well last week, I finally decided to turn them into pillows thanks to my super great tailor and now I have way too many pillows. Like more than the average human needs. Anyway, I can’t keep them or Kyle will pre-divorce me so I’m selling a bunch!

There are five black & white Mudcloth pillow covers and six Indigo Mudcloth pillow covers. The backing is a natural linen and they have a zipper closure. I LOVE the way they turned out so you better buy them up before I decide to keep them all.

I set up a little shop HERE but you can also click through the product below:


A couple things to note about the pillows:

  • The textile is handwoven in Africa.
  • All of the pillows have slight variations since they’re different sections of one single fabric.
  • As far as pillow inserts go, I’m only selling covers but I like to buy the down ones to optimize comfort levels.
  • I grew up in the **Amazon free shipping** era and I strongly believe that no man shall pay for shipping so these pillows will ship fo’ FREE.

pillows2 pillows3 pillows4 pillows5 pillows6 pillows7

Make sure to visit!


February 6, 2015

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thestyleeater housewares

New trinkets around the house always jazz up my overall mood. It’s rare that we’ll make big furniture decisions so any kind of change, no matter how small, is totally refreshing.

Like a marble-handled cheese board that you never knew you needed until it’s right in front of your face and then you wonder how you’ve lived for 28 years without it. Same with the jewelry display box. That thing can be used in so many different ways and in so many different places around the house. Just for a little added dimension, some excitement, ya know? Gold-rimmed boxes, man. That and ceramic mugs. I can never have enough ceramic mugs.

Which gets me to the point of the post, the real meat and potatoes of what I’m getting at: ideas for more stuff that I’m eyeing for the house. It could always use a little more sprucing. Here goes:

housewares / the style eater

URBAN OUTFITTERS TERRARIUM // I’ve been wanting this terrarium for ages and ages, although I think I’ll end up with the copper version. It would fit right in on my bookcase.

BODIE & FOU NATURAL BASKET // Baskets are perfect for corralling and hiding random crap around the house, aka my speciality. Need it.

SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC AIDEN CANDLESTICKS // These candlesticks are like the Silver Lake of candlesticks. Cool, but the bones are classic and simple. Reasonably priced if you buy just one (like an apartment right off of Sunset), but pretty expensive if you ball out and get all four varieties (like a craftsman up in the hills overlooking the reservoir).

CRATE & BARREL SUIT NAPKINS // Because a stack of these on my dining table before dinner would really just round out the kitchen vibe, don’t you think?

WEST ELM AGATE BOOKENDS // So I actually ordered these online and received two very different sized agate bookends, in very different colors. They are natural so I GET IT, but what I wouldn’t give for 2 symmetrically shaped ones.

URBAN OUTFITTERS MARBLE HEXAGON CUTTING BOARD // Spotted this little lady over here and can’t stop thinking about it! It would go perfectly with my marble-handled cheeseboard. Could you even imagine how next-level the appetizer game would be around here?

STEVEN ALAN HASAMI MUGS // Because ceramic mugs.

SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC STUDIO DESK LAMP // Because I’m still using lamps from my college dorm room and I just can’t even deal anymore.

STEVEN ALAN FARIBAULT WOOLEN MILLS BLANKET // We eye this blanket every time we go to Steven Alan in Venice. Now that it’s on sale, it mayyyyy just have to happen.


February 2, 2015

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january 2015 / the style eater

January came and went super quickly, who’s with me? It’s like you think you have a solid grip on your own life and then POOF, a whole month goes by. January is my busiest month as far as work goes, so I consider it a wash in the “2015 resolutions” department. I can’t start my goals on Jan 1, so Feb 2 seems like an OK day for a fresh start. I may even workout, who knows?

Anyway here are a few highlights from January. And then, on to the next.

january 2015 / the style eater

january 2015 / the style eater

The weather in LA has been particularly epic lately. Sunny and bright during the day, and then incredible sunsets that turn the whole sky vibrant shades of purple and pink. Everyday I’m thankful that I get to live in this beautiful place (super basic cheese moment, I’m sorry, but seriously).

january 2015 / the style eater

I tried to get a boss manicure with *wink eyes* and it kind of turned out like a Halloween skeleton face but whatever. You win some, you lose some, ya know? Nail art is always a gamble.

january 2015 / the style eater

Kyle and I decided to put ourselves on a spending freeze (SUPER HARD, FYI) so that we could start saving for our honeymoon, etc. To celebrate, we went to brunch. That may defeat the purpose, but Little Next Door brunch, come on. Also, Republique brunch. But seriously, spending freeze on everything else.

january 2015 / the style eater

Lately, when I go out at night, I’ve been sticking with trousers and silk shirts instead of dresses. I’m positive that this is the way to go, you guys. I don’t freeze my bum off and I’m super comfortable. Pretty much the 2 most important things, right? Anyway, I love the J.Crew Minnie pants. I can’t zip mine up all the way, but February goals, remember?

january 2015 / the style eater

I FINALLY FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS. Sorry for the caps, but it was a loooooong process and I’m so excited! This photo is from the day I picked it out (eeeeee!).

january 2015 / the style eater

Speaking of the wedding, I’ve been working on a craft for it that’s brought me to every plant nursery in Southern California. I’ll share more on the blog later once it’s all done.

january 2015 / the style eater

We got a Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden for Christmas and I cannot believe how much the herbs have grown in four weeks. It’s incredible! They were dirt and seed pods when we first got them. Is this what it feels like to be a proud parent?

january 2015 / the style eater

january 2015 / the style eater

And finally, I just had my golden birthday (turned 28 on Jan 28th) and it was indeed very golden. Multiple cakes were eaten (and multiple butterscotch pot de cremes from gjelina as well) and lots of celebrating happened. I’m also not wearing kimonos anymore. Thanks to everyone who made it extra special!

February, let’s kick it into gear.