April 20, 2015

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overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

Get it? Because I’m wearing overalls. Overall, things are great. Nevermind. You guys! I miss blogging. When I just logged on to my site to do this post, I got LOCKED OUT for forgetting my password too many times. It’s been too long, but here’s a quick update:

Wedding planning has been taking over my whole life, but I’m happy to say that most of the big stuff has been squared away. I can’t believe it’s in 6 months! We’ve sent out our STDs and had our engagement photos taken, both of which I’ll share on the blog soon. Oh ya, STDs are Save the Date’s, y’all. I’ve been liberally calling them STDs and have gotten MULTIPLE stare-downs from people overhearing me talk about them in public. Not all acronyms are treated the same. You live and you learn.

Actually, that’s pretty much the only update I have. That and overalls. These suckers have been back on the market for awhile now, but it was only recently that I’ve adopted them with full force. These are another pair that I’ve been wearing pretty much every weekend, including last weekend at Coachella and on my trip to Santa Barbara (which was a total dream). Overalls remind me of 7th grade though, when I had pastel yellow Dickies ones and pretty much thought I was the queen of fashion and all things right in this world. So they sometimes make me cringe, but mostly I love them. Middle school, man. Those were some awkward years.

Also! There are just a few pillows left in the shop, in case you need some mudcloth in your life. Trust me, you do need it in your life.

Heidi Merrick striped top
H&M overalls (but sold out mostly so similar herehere and here)
Madewell sandals (and 20% off right now YAYYYY)
Marc Jacobs sunglasses (old)
Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

11 thoughts on “OVERALL, THINGS ARE GREAT.

  1. Lyd

    Your overalls are so adorable! Can I ask what size you are and what size you got on the site? I’m trying to figure out if I should get a 4 or 6, but sizing for overalls is so hard online! Thank you, and love your style! 🙂

    1. Janelle Post author

      You’re so sweet!! H&M is the weirdest sizing, right?! These are a size US 6 and my normal size in other brands is a 0 or 2! In h&m, I vary between 4 and 6. You never know with their sizing. They fit me just right, not loose at all, which I love. Xx

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