10 Beauty Essentials

April 27, 2010

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Though I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, I definitely have products that I use consistently.  I’ll randomly throw an eye shadow or two in the mix every so often, but these products are my basic foundation:

  1. Philosophy Skin Care: Ever since I started using Philosophy skin care products, like Hope in a Jar moisturizer and When Hope is Not Enough serum, I’ve seen monumental improvements in my complexion.  Though not pictured, I also use Philosophy’s Purity face wash daily.
  2. Bare Escentuals Bare Mineral Foundation: I’m a huge advocate for mineral foundations and Bare Escentuals is like the Rolls Royce of mineral makeup.  You just can’t go wrong with it.  I started using it in high school and still love it!
  3. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey: This Clinique lipstick is extremely sheer and balmy.  Though it looks quite dark in the tube, it’s actually very transparent and gives you that just-bitten look to your lips.  Ahh, my favorite!
  4. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara:  I am constantly testing out new mascaras.  I swear, every time I go to Sephora or Target, I find myself purchasing a new mascara.  But I always turn back to Lash Blast.  It’s one of the most lengthening and volumizing mascaras out there.  And for $7 a pop too!
  5. Benefit Erase Paste: I use this concealer under my eyes and it literally erases all signs of puffiness and dark circles.
  6. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler:  This eyelash curler was created by the gods themselves, I swear.  Sometimes I just don’t have time to fully decorate my face.  In that case (aka everyday), I quickly do two squeezes of the Shu Uemura curler and my eyes are instantly brighter.
  7. Benefit Eye Bright:  This eye brightener is one of the best kept secrets on Planet Earth.  Just as the name suggests, it brightens your eyes in every way possible.  I usually smudge some under my bottom lash line and in the corners of my eyes.
  8. Neutrogena Sunblock, SPF 70: No need to explain this one. The last thing I want is a leathery, wrinkled face.  Gotta protect!
  9. NARS Blush in Orgasm: As I described here, this blush has an amazing peachy-pink hue and gives a much-needed flush of color to my freckled cheeks.
  10. Vaseline: I use Vaseline for just about everything.  On my lips, eyelids, cuticles, elbows, toesies.  It’s cheap and it works – what more can you ask for?

What are your beauty essentials, lovelies??

[Images via Sephora and Target]

6 thoughts on “10 Beauty Essentials

  1. Kristine

    I’m so loving your posts this week. Anyways..

    1. Neutrogena healthy skin cleanser. Since the weather has been bipolar for the past couple of months and wreaking havoc on my eczema, I had to find one that was NOT oil-free.
    2. Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer, spf 15.
    3. Covergirl line exact liquid eyeliner. I’m still in the process of achieving the perfect liquid line.
    4. Covergirl lipstain. I want to try some of the ones they have at sephora, but I can’t stomach paying more.
    5. pimple control aka birth control. Still take it because I’m afraid to see what’ll happen when I stop.
    6. the same vaseline you use.
    7. Aquaphor for my heels because I hate cracked, dirty heels. bleh
    8. aveeno lotion.

    1. Janelle Post author

      YES it’s absolutely worth the price! I wear it every day and, especially for my fair skin, it adds such a perfect flush of pink. I really and truly love it. But if you’re looking for a blush, it really depends on the type of foundation you use. For example, I use the mineral powder so it’s best to use a powder blush like Orgasm. If you use a liquid foundation, then I would recommend a cheek stain like Tarte because it lasts so much longer than a powder.

  2. chau

    i effing love this new top 10 theme you have! here are my top 10 beauty essentials, in no particular order:

    1. cover girl lash blast – you said it girl! shit is awesomeee
    2. MAC fluidline in blacktrack – my favorite gel eyeliner
    3. benefit hollywood glo – discontinued but i still love it! the bottle has lasted me for foreverrr
    4. makeup forever full cover concealer (beige 8)
    5. shu uemura eyelash curler
    6. olay moisturizer with SPF
    7. johnson & johnson head to toe baby shampoo – effortlessly takes off ALL of my makeup, including waterproof mascara!
    8. laura mercier tinted moisturizer (sand) – a bit pricey but it makes my skin look flawless
    9. vaseline
    10. water water water (:

  3. Maria

    1. Kheil’s Moisturizer (any) or the Aveeno moisturizer – I use this at night. I usually get Aveeno, but I tried Kheil’s recently and it works wonders… so the budget will be the judge of which one I get.
    2. Aveeno chapstick – I like lipgloss with no flavors.
    3. Vaseline – I also use it on my lips, my hands, and my feet.
    4. Aveeno or Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion – they are equally great so I grab the one that is cheaper. They really keep my skin looking hydrated and smooth.
    5. Aveeno or Neutrogena Facial Sunblock – I usually get spf 30-40. Either one works for me.
    6. Coppertone Sunblock spf 50 – I get dark easily, especially in the California sun. This sunblock keeps me from getting any darker.
    7. Concealer – I forgot the brand that I got from Target (the name usually comes off), but I know it when I see it heheheh. I have been using it for 3 years now. I never leave the house without applying this. This is the only make-up I use.
    8. Johnson’s Baby Powder – I put this on after my sunblock and concealer. It has been a habit that I never got off my system. I will tell you a secret… my mom still does it so I think it will be in my system forever
    9. Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner – Its the best set there ever is. It does not make my hair look dry at all.
    10. Lanvin Eclat perfume – keeps me smelling fresh.


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