10 Wardrobe Essentials

April 26, 2010

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Everyone has certain items in their closet that they grab on a near daily basis.  These are mine – my wardrobe essentials.  My uniform!  I wear at least 3 of these items every day.  Sometimes, I’ll wear it all at once!
  1. Slouchy, scoop neck tees: When I’m not working, I’m guaranteed to be wearing a slouchy tee.  My favorites are the pima cotton tees from Gap and I have them in literally every color.  Of course they all have holes in them but that only adds to their character, right?
  2. Dark wash skinny jeans: As I mentioned here, I’m a jeans girl through and through.  I need my jean to be skinny in the legs and a little looser in the waist (because of my chicken legs and buddha belly).  Let me tell you, it’s very hard to come by this kind of cut.  Luckily, I’ve found the most perfect pairs in Black Orchid and Madewell – these brands fit me the absolute best.
  3. Jade: There’s never a day that goes by where I’m not wearing a piece of jade – whether it be on a ring, bracelet, or necklace.  Besides the fact that I’m enthralled by the color, this particular stone is very special to me.  Both of my grandmothers have always worn jade (my Oma’s jade ring and my Nana’s many jade necklaces come to mind).  I guess their love for the stone has rubbed off on me!
  4. Ray Ban Wayfarers: I’ve had my wayfarers for years.  They’re classics, enough said!
  5. Black Havaianas: I wear these sandals with EVERYTHING, from flowy dresses to leggings.  They’re comfortable and easy.
  6. Chambray Shirts: I have 3 J. Crew button-up shirts in various hues of chambray, from a light wash to a medium dark.  I love chambray because you can dress it up or wear it super casual, depending on the weather and occasion.  They’re versatile, chic, and comfy.  The key to a great chambray button-up is purchasing a size up.  They’re not meant to be fitted and definitely look best when worn loose and disheveled.
  7. Black blazer: My love for blazers will never fade.  I have two different black blazers: a fitted one and an oversized boyfriend version.  Just as the chambray shirt, I wear blazers for any and all occasions.  They look just as good with a slouchy tee as they do with a silk blouse.
  8. Black boots: I wear my Madewell biker boots at least a few times a week.  They’re clunky, chunky, and perfect.  I love everything about them!
  9. Scarf: I’ve already divulged my love of scarves to you quite a few times, so the fact that they’re on my wardrobe essential list should come as no surprise.  In the winter, I prefer a cowl-neck wool version.  For the rest of the seasons, I turn to gauzy linens and pashminas.
  10. Long cardigans: Living in Southern California, I usually only need a light sweater when venturing outside.  That’s why long cardis are so prominent in my closet.  They’re the perfect thickness level.  On an average day, I wear them over a slouchy scoop neck tee and paired with skinny jeans, a scarf, and my Madewell boots…

What are your wardrobe essentials??  Your favorite items? Your go-to’s??  I love hearing everyones’ fave items in their closet!

[Images via J. Crew, Singer 22, Boutique To You, Madewell, Shopbop, Amazon, Etsy]

9 thoughts on “10 Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Vivian

    Oh man, closet essentials. You know, I’ve actually never sat down and thought about it! So, this list may be a little all over the place.

    1. Floral dress: It’s a given for warm weather, but it’s a great pick-me-up on those really cold, rainy days.
    2. Cardigans: I can seriously wear a cardigan every day because it just goes with EVERYTHING.
    3. Anything with a Peter Pan collar: Just the best detail/cherry on top to a piece of clothing.
    4. Or a dress with pockets: Cute and functional. I never have any idea what to do with my hands, so yep, they go in pockets!
    5. Tote bags: I have a serious addiction to tote bags and, minus really fancy events, it also goes with anything.
    6. Sleek leather (or faux leather) jacket: Sometimes I need to toughen up my look. And they’re warm!
    7. Tights: Gives me a way to wear dresses in the winter and stay decent when hemlines start to creep north.
    8. Oxford shoes: A vintage wink, and it always classes up an outfit.
    9. Black skinny jeans: They make my legs look a mile long, they’re versatile, and sometimes you can get away with wearing jeans because they look more elegant than denim-colored jeans!
    10. Camera: I usually have a camera (whether it’s an expired disposable camera, my DLSR, or my number of various film cameras) on me so I consider it part of my wardrobe!

  2. Kristine


    1. black reef flip flops
    2. Skinny jean leggings from H&M. They constantly fall down and they only have faux pockets but I still wear them all the time.
    3. Any loose v-neck. My pima cotton one from GAP has holes in it too 🙁 J.crew has some on sale, sans the pocket so I plan on stocking up on those. I think the V is a little deeper, but I have a modest chest so I don’t care.
    4. Blue bf cardigan (similar to the one you got from F21 when I was still living there)
    5. seafoam green stone ring. I got it from pacsun a looong time ago and it’s surprisingly held up well. I like that it pops from whatever I’m wearing.
    6. Blue flannel top. It’s loose, so even when it’s sunny, it’s not too stuffy for me.
    7. red toms. like the ring, it adds a pop to my boring wardrobe.
    8. I’m running out. Oh! black tights. I suck with them though and always get runs.
    9. Black riding boots. It helps make me look less sloppy.
    10. denim shorts, especially now. This probably should’ve been farther up the list.

  3. Jaymee

    um, can you please lend me your closet? (maybe 10 sizes bigger because you are miss skinny bones) you are adorable – i want all of these items! i miss you!!!!

  4. Ladi

    1-v neck t shirts from jcrew or American apparel, especially in white paired with jeans always works
    2-black ballet flats for work or paired with jeans for my days off
    3-dark denim jeans, pretty much couldn’t live without these
    4-my long gold bottle necklace, picked this up at a flea market in Australia and it reminds me of good times
    5-my LBD- for nights I go out this black dress always makes me feel put together and I add tights and colorful flats so I can wear it to work
    6-small diamond studs, I wear these everywhere casual or dressy
    7-either my leather cross body bag or my slouchy marc bag: I’m seriously a bag lady and I carry around my life
    8-slip on sneakers: sporty and easy
    9-brown Ray bans for day
    10-nail polish ( I consider this a wardrobe essential) currently loving the neutrals in gray, white and pink

  5. Janelle Post author

    LOVING LOVING LOVING everyone’s essentials!!

    Jaymee – that particular ring is from etsy but the jade ring I always wear is the one from that swap meet in hawaii that we went to. remember???

  6. Maria

    1) Leggings from American Apparel (I love it so much)
    2) Stockings – My uniform is usually composed of shorts with stockings.
    3) Cardigans – I wish I had one in every color
    4) Target t-shirts – I love them! They last for a long long time.
    5) My Adidas sneakers – I pair them even with the most formal blouses I have. I seem to be able to get away with it. They don’t give the bulky look that other sneakers and rubbershoes do.
    6) Shorts – more on the twill side.
    7) Jeans – of course, although I wear my American Apparel leggings more
    8) Toms Cordones in beige with brown leather trim – I am a sucker for sneakers with shoelaces. My sisters got these for me for Christmas.
    9) My mom’s vintage Bally purses in navy and maroon/brown – I love them be it during the summer or fall.
    10) My humongous Miu Miu black purse that my sisters got for me for my 21st birthday. It is the best thing ever.


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