10 Can’t-Live-Without’s

April 29, 2010

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Everyone has certain things in their life that complete them.  Of course my family, boyfriend, and friends are at the very top of this “Can’t Live Without” list but I also have 10 other vitals that I’ve come to depend upon.

  1. Tea: I have tea, whether it be iced or hot, all day long.  Some of my favorite tea brands are Revolution, Tejava, Republic of Tea, Harney & Sons, and…well, I could go on forever but that’s a blog post within itself.
  2. Cupcakes:  Of course this one isn’t as vital, but cupcakes are one of my favorite things to indulge in.
  3. My iPod:  Yes, I said iPod.  You’re probably wondering if these old school contraptions actually still exist, what with all the iTouchs and Nanos and Shuffles, but they do!  My iPod has been so good to me over the years.
  4. Erin Condren Life Planner: Of course I went into detail about my day planner here and let me tell you, it keeps me so organized and together.
  5. Strawberry Chapstick: I’m talking about the actual Chapstick brand in strawberry flavor.  This chapstick is much more than a beauty essential to me.  I keep them well stocked too: 1 in every drawer of my nightstands, stashed in every purse, in the glove compartment of my car, in my desk at work, everywhere possible.
  6. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps: Kiehl’s is my absolute favorite brand for lotions, moisturizers, and body washes.  I’ve used Crème de Corps for years now and it’s the only body lotion that truly soaks into my skin and keeps it hydrated.  I use it everyday!
  7. Moleskine Notebook: For Christmas last year, Kyle gave me a Moleskine notebook so that I could write down all of my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, muses, and random notes.  Whenever I have something I need written down, my Moleskine is always there for me.
  8. Cadbury Mini Eggs: If you know me at all, then you’re fully aware of my unhealthy obsession with Cadbury mini eggs.  I have absolutely NO willpower when a bowl of cads are dangled in front of my face.  Just the fact that I know they’re available on Amazon (see link) during the off season should say enough.
  9. Monthly Mags: Whether it be an InStyle, Elle, or Cooking Light, I need a monthly fix of my mags.
  10. My blogs: Just as much as I need a monthly magazine fix, I also need a DAILY blog fix.  Blogs have become such an integral part of my life and reading them is the highlight of my days.  From personal style blogs to food blogs to my friends’ blogs to profesh blogs like Refinery 29, I need them every day (every hour is more like it).

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3 thoughts on “10 Can’t-Live-Without’s

  1. Kristine

    1. Eyedrops for contact lenses. I have super dry eyes. And need to carry eye drops with me ALL the time. I was almost 3 blocks away from my house and when I realized I left them at home, I went back to get them.
    2. Flaxseed oil. For the same reason.
    3. some kind of camera. cellphones with blue tooth are my best friend. I love that I don’t have to hook it up to my laptop, it’s just so convenient.
    4. Planners. I love planners and organizers. They’re my favorite things in the world.
    5. glue sticks. I save and cut out a lot of things and stick it to my journal.
    6. bobby pins or tiny hair claws. I always get my bangs cut, but I hate things touching my forward or getting in my eyes, so they’re usually pinned back.
    7. cherries jubilee ice cream from baskin robbins.
    8. Facebook. Sad as it is, it’s convenient to keep in touch with people this way. That way I can get back to them at my own time. I don’t like being available for people to contact me whenever on my phone.
    9. Hulu. I rarely ever watch anything at home anymore. So I catch up on everything I need online.
    10. halo halo. It’s a filipino desert. it’s all I think about when it gets hot outside.

  2. Maria

    1. My cellphone – no matter how much people laugh at it, it is the love of my life.
    2. My jewelry – I don’t buy my jewelry, they are mostly from my mom and dad. I can’t leave home without a set on me, especially my necklace… and now a special ring
    3. My laptop as long as there is internet that goes with it – It is where I watch TV and where I get to interact with friends from everywhere and family as well.
    4. My car – his name is Reggie and I love him so much.
    5. Tea – I also love tea. I became more adventurous with the different flavors ever since I lived with you guys.
    6. My yearly planner – This all started during my grade school days. It was a big thing, especially during highschool which I never stopped having yearly.
    7. My bible – I know Kristine is going to roll her eyes with this one, but I had it since I was in highschool and I have been reading it again recently.
    8. My Havis – they are my black flipflops from Havaiianas. They are the only flipflops I wear outside the house
    9. Hand lotion – I do not care about the brand for this one, as long as I have one in my purse and I am able to hydrate my skin every couple of minutes/hours.
    10. Family and friends… because they keep me grounded and they give me unconditional love and support… last but not least… for right now… *hahahaha. DOMINIC… because he equates to knowledge, adventure, love, and food all at the same time.


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