Eyelets & embroidery…let’s be BFFs

June 21, 2012

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white summer dresses

You guys.  I’m having this overwhelming obsession with all things eyelet embroidery right now.  Like it’s unhealthy.  It’s also a very expensive obsession seeing as I can’t find a single embroidered dress for under $200.  Yeesh.  Also, I don’t know what their proper name is?  I just call them white lace embroidered dresses with eyelets.  It works kind of?

Pretty much I need this.  And this. And this even though it’s a bridal dress.  And possibly that.  Hey FO 21, can you make one of these dresses for me so I only have to pay $19? Or hey Kyle, it’s almost my half-birthday.  Just sayin!!!

[Images 1, 2 (unknown original), 3]

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