Style Recipes: A Midweek Getaway

March 27, 2013

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Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

BB Dakota shirt, Topshop denim shorts, Madewell Sunglasses, Topshop Sandals (old)

I love, love, love hot weather. My soul craves it. My pale skin obviously needs it too. I swear these photos were taken BEFORE I laid out by the pool and not after! But give me a 90 degree day and a pair of shorts and I’m in my happy zone. Also, I’m that person who wears a palm tree shirt in Palm Springs. I just HAD to. It felt right, ya know?

As mentioned here, I spent the last few days in PS and I’ll be damned if my soul doesn’t feel a hundred times better! The heat will do that to ya. More photos from the trip coming tomorrow.

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Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

Style Recipes: Palm Springs / the style eater

6 thoughts on “Style Recipes: A Midweek Getaway

  1. jaymee

    the lighting in these photos is GORGEOUS!!! and you are a hottie in your palm shirt. if reis should be a profesh photog, then kyle should be too 🙂

  2. Ann-Marie

    I think we are weather opposites. I’ll give you all my hot weather if you give me all your cold weather! 😉

    LOVING the golden hour photos. And your cute face.

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