Let’s Go Away

March 24, 2013

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palm springs / the style eater

When you’re having a quarter-life crisis (I’m having one by the way), the only thing you can do is recharge those batteries. Recharging batteries include but are not limited to: being in 85+ degree weather, laying by pools occupied only by hipsters, drinking margaritas even though you have a pretty decent sized stomach ulcer, getting a ton more freckles (because let’s face it, this pale skin doesn’t tan well), and reading a teen novel but ONLY on the iPad so no one at said pool will give you dirty looks.

Good thing I’ll be doing all of the above the next few days because these batteries need recharging! I’m at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (one of my favorites), soaking up the sun and enjoying this precious life.

Hope your week is off to a fresh and exciting start!

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