Postcards from San Francisco

January 4, 2011

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san francisco trolley

This past weekend, Kyle and I took a small vacation to San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s.  The entire trip revolved around exploring new districts of the city and indulging in delicious food.  I swear, San Francisco has the best food!  On Thursday night, we started our trip in the Marina District, stumbling into a gastrotavern called The Tipsy Pig.  Best. Decision. Ever. Not only is The Tipsy Pig a lively bar, it also has some of the best comfort food I’ve ever had.  3 words: chicken pot pie.  TO DIE FOR.  I have no photos from this gem though, the lighting was too dark sadly (read: I had 2 brewskies).

The rest of the trip was just as magical, from our New Year’s Eve spent at the W Hotel’s bar/club (where I forgot my ID card and had to go back to our hotel to get it – $30 later in cab fare and a total NYE FAIL) to the adventures we had with my very good friend Kristen (a San Franciscoian) and her boyfriend, C.J. (brunch at Absinthe Brasserie, several trips to Zara, searching for Maiden Lane, being tourists in Union Square, deep dish pizza at Little Star).

Here are some highlights from our getaway to San Francisco:

Lunch & tea on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt in Union Square with Kristen and C.J.: san francisco skyline

Standing in line at Tartine Bakery for 30+ minutes just so we could stuff our faces with these: tartine bakery

Finally stuffing our faces with Tartine goodness (in the form of a chocolate croissant): tartine bakery

…and some more Tartine.  Spicy turkey and brocollini pesto panini: tartine bakery

Being touristy in front of the Golden Gate Bridge: golden gate bridge

Kyle wanted a photo too (how adorable is he): golden gate bridge

Wandering around aimlessly: san francisco

Kristen and I “hearting” each other forever: san francisco union square

Barney’s telling us to “Have a Foodie Holiday”…and we did: san francisco union square

Kyle carrying my bags while I took pictures of him (whoops):

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    1. Janelle Post author

      Kristine – I like making you hungry!

      Kelsie – It’s a photoshop action – super neat, eh?? I can show you how to do it one of these days.


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