January 11, 2011

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Hey friends,

Taking a quick little hiatus from m’bloggy.  I’ll be back next Monday!!!  I’ve been out for the count since last weekend and won’t be able to post the rest of the this week.  You’re probably thinking: “This girl posts about once a week anyway, SO WHO CARES!?”  True, true, you got me there.  But guess what?  After this week, I’m going to start posting more regularly.  It’s just that this weekend, I have a HUGE work event that is going to consume my every waking hour for the next several days (very excited though!).

In the meantime…

Check out the colorfully chic J.Crew Spring collection

Visit my new favorite blog

Watch creativity at it’s finest in this visually inspiring video

Make homemade foccacia bread

Catch up on the latest issue of Lonny Magazine

Cuddle up in this striped wool blanket

That is all.  Oh, one more thing: JE T’AIME BEAUCOUP!


[Image via Down and Out Chic]

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