Friday Love List

September 9, 2011

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friday love list

You guys, I finally broke down and bought a good camera.  It was a pretty penny.  And by pretty penny, I mean I have no money left.  But it was worth it.  We’re best friends now.  Ain’t it real pretty??  So number uno on my love this week is (obvs):

  • My first born child, my new Canon 60D.  Not going to lie, I wanted the 5D.  Couldn’t afford that puppy so I decided on the 7D.  Hmm, couldn’t afford that guy either.  So now we’re at 60D and I’m happier than ever!!
  • My little old roommate (aka my boyfriend of 6 years, whoa…) is  turning 25 years old this weekend!  I have some surprises up my sleeve for him (and no, it’s not a puppy, don’t get your hopes up) so hopefully it’s a good one!
  • LOVING the new issue of STYLED mag.  So good!  I’m sort of addicted to online magazines, FYI.
  • I’ve been searching the fleas high and low for the perfect world globe.  And sure, I see millions of them but not the perfect one (mini-sized and a bright aqua blue).  But OF COURSE, the exact one I want shows up on Urban Outfitters.  Would that be a totes cop-out if I buy it?  Or should I continue searching the fleas…what say you?
Happy weekend!!  Sidenote, 4-day weeks are kind of the best, am I right?

4 thoughts on “Friday Love List

  1. Jaymee

    Oh and the globe, you should get it of it’s exactly what you want. Sorry, once again I’m an enabler :). If you see another flea market one later, get that one too!

    1. Janelle Post author

      you are an enabler!! but that’s why i love you. and i agree with that, too. i can always find a second one at the flea!! and btw, you commented on my blog at 6am Hawaii time. you crazy.


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