Weekend Update

September 12, 2011

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This weekend was all about celebrating that dude’s birthday.  On Saturday, I made him a homemade bloody mary and eggs benedict with smoked salmon.  I think he was a happy camper.  Later in the afternoon, we did this:

hiking in Rustic Canyon

…hiked in Rustic Canyon.  The trails are just above Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles and they are absolutely gorgeous.  The canyon is filled with stone staircases that lead into a valley where an artist colony used to be.  Now it’s all ruins and kind of awesome.  PS – my legs hurt.

We started Sunday off at brunch with my family.  Seeing as the restaurant was only one block from the beach, we couldn’t help but take advantage of that a little bit too(first photo).  Such a beautiful day!!  The rest of the afternoon, we did this:

reflect on 9/11

[Image 3 via Pursuit Aesthetic]

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