Grammy Times

February 14, 2013

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Grammy night / the style eater

On Sunday, I had the honor of attending the Grammy Awards with my bf and a few of my coworkers.  We had such a lovely time, singing and dancing and applauding on cue.  Our seats were adjacent to the stage but we could still see (mostly) everything that was going on.  Oh!!  And I caught a bunch of Taylor Swift’s heart confetti from her performance.  So that’s a plus!

I  also love any excuse to wear fun dresses and red lipstick.  By the way, recognize this dress as the one I wore in my best friend’s wedding??  Everyone always says they can rewear their bridesmaids dress but I actually can wear it and DID!

PS I took a few videos on the Vine app if you have it.  I’m @thestyleeater so come find me!

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