February 12, 2013

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heart pies / the style eater

Okay so I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person and can do without all the hearts and flowers if you ask me, but I was baking a pie and couldn’t resist making heart-shaped versions.  I rolled the dough out, mixed the strawberry filling together, and then searched high and low for my heart cookie cutters, through literally every cabinet in my kitchen, and those things were nowhere in site.  Disappeared!  So I did the blogger unthinkable and free-handed those dang hearts.  Some are a little lopsided but for the most part, they turned out pretty decent!

When they first came out of the oven, it looked like a heart pie massacre, what with the strawberry goodness oozing out everywhere, so I almost didn’t even deem them blogworthy enough to post.  But they tasted so delicious, I decided to post anyway.  Pie crust + strawberries is always a winning combination, bad photos or not.  And it’s a perfect treat for the upcoming holiday of love, so make it for your lovers and friends, my little conversation hearts!

Recipe here

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