Spring Risotto

March 23, 2011

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spring risotto

Happy Spring!  Though I’d prefer to celebrate the new season with outdoor picnics and trips to the farmer’s market, our current weather situation (what is this rain thing that’s happening?) is preventing me from doing any such activities.  Instead, I’ve been watching lots of American Pickers on TV, eating handfuls of Cadbury chocolate eggs,  and catching up on the April issue of Cooking Light.

When I came across this Cooking Light risotto recipe, I knew it would be a perfect way to kick off the spring season (bad weather or not).  First of all, it showcases asparagus (a spring vegetable) and I’m all for seasonal cooking.  Not only are veggies much cheaper when they’re in season, they’re also much tastier (I might just be imagining that they’re tastier, who knows).  Second of all, risotto is just plain delicious.

And this risotto was no exception!  I loved that it wasn’t super heavy but still had all the rich flavors of a classic risotto.  And the edamame/asparagus combo was like an added bonus point.  Speaking of bonus points, you have to stir risotto constantly for atleast 20 minutes so you’re getting a really nice arm workout in the process.  Overall, the finished product, with it’s creamy texture and flavorful bite, was a real crowd-pleaser.

PS- Looky looky what I found at Trader Joe’s for $3.99??  Ranunculus!!  My favorite ever.


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