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Attempting Geek Chic

February 21, 2011

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j.crew chambray shirt, free people purple sweater, urban outfitters black jeans, jeffrey campbell boots

Yesterday, I borrowed my friend’s Nikon dslr.  What a treat!  I use the term “borrowed” very loosely because I still have it and don’t plan on returning it anytime soon.  Kidding (kind of).  So what was the first thing I decided to do with it?  Take photos of m’self obviously.  Cue: ego inflation.

Just kidding, I mostly took photos of my dog but since this is not a dog blog, I’ll stick with some outfit shots.  I’m really into collared shirts and feel extra sophisticated when they’re buttoned all the way to the top.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was on my way to calculus class or a very important business meeting.  But no!  That’s the power of a collared shirt, my friend.

Next time I plan on adding thick-rimmed glasses, a pleated skirt, and argyle socks.  Then my geek chic look would be totally complete.

10 Wardrobe Essentials

April 26, 2010

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Everyone has certain items in their closet that they grab on a near daily basis.  These are mine – my wardrobe essentials.  My uniform!  I wear at least 3 of these items every day.  Sometimes, I’ll wear it all at once!
  1. Slouchy, scoop neck tees: When I’m not working, I’m guaranteed to be wearing a slouchy tee.  My favorites are the pima cotton tees from Gap and I have them in literally every color.  Of course they all have holes in them but that only adds to their character, right?
  2. Dark wash skinny jeans: As I mentioned here, I’m a jeans girl through and through.  I need my jean to be skinny in the legs and a little looser in the waist (because of my chicken legs and buddha belly).  Let me tell you, it’s very hard to come by this kind of cut.  Luckily, I’ve found the most perfect pairs in Black Orchid and Madewell – these brands fit me the absolute best.
  3. Jade: There’s never a day that goes by where I’m not wearing a piece of jade – whether it be on a ring, bracelet, or necklace.  Besides the fact that I’m enthralled by the color, this particular stone is very special to me.  Both of my grandmothers have always worn jade (my Oma’s jade ring and my Nana’s many jade necklaces come to mind).  I guess their love for the stone has rubbed off on me!
  4. Ray Ban Wayfarers: I’ve had my wayfarers for years.  They’re classics, enough said!
  5. Black Havaianas: I wear these sandals with EVERYTHING, from flowy dresses to leggings.  They’re comfortable and easy.
  6. Chambray Shirts: I have 3 J. Crew button-up shirts in various hues of chambray, from a light wash to a medium dark.  I love chambray because you can dress it up or wear it super casual, depending on the weather and occasion.  They’re versatile, chic, and comfy.  The key to a great chambray button-up is purchasing a size up.  They’re not meant to be fitted and definitely look best when worn loose and disheveled.
  7. Black blazer: My love for blazers will never fade.  I have two different black blazers: a fitted one and an oversized boyfriend version.  Just as the chambray shirt, I wear blazers for any and all occasions.  They look just as good with a slouchy tee as they do with a silk blouse.
  8. Black boots: I wear my Madewell biker boots at least a few times a week.  They’re clunky, chunky, and perfect.  I love everything about them!
  9. Scarf: I’ve already divulged my love of scarves to you quite a few times, so the fact that they’re on my wardrobe essential list should come as no surprise.  In the winter, I prefer a cowl-neck wool version.  For the rest of the seasons, I turn to gauzy linens and pashminas.
  10. Long cardigans: Living in Southern California, I usually only need a light sweater when venturing outside.  That’s why long cardis are so prominent in my closet.  They’re the perfect thickness level.  On an average day, I wear them over a slouchy scoop neck tee and paired with skinny jeans, a scarf, and my Madewell boots…

What are your wardrobe essentials??  Your favorite items? Your go-to’s??  I love hearing everyones’ fave items in their closet!

[Images via J. Crew, Singer 22, Boutique To You, Madewell, Shopbop, Amazon, Etsy]